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Arup works with clients to shape a better world through the efficient, affordable and sustainable sourcing of energy, its dispatch and use.

Arup works with clients to shape a better world through the efficient, affordable and sustainable sourcing of energy, its dispatch and use.

Wind farm at sunset Wind farm at sunset

Stay ahead of change

The energy business is changing rapidly. We help clients across the industry to shape transitional and future energy projects while improving the quality of legacy energy infrastructure. Our work spans investment and advisory services through to design and engineering of energy structures, addressing a wide range of energy sectors and issues:

  • Demand and efficiency

  • Distributed energy and storage

  • Networks and smart grids

  • Renewables

  • Nuclear

  • Thermal power

  • Oil and gas

We are also playing an influential role in the development of:

  • Renewables and storage

  • Preparing the energy grid for new post-petrol vehicles

  • Emerging uses of hydrogen power

  • Distributed and centralised networks

  • LNG

We are developing software and other digital technology that can provide energy clients with valuable ‘whole system’ insights and improvements.

Renewable energy

View of a solar power plant. Credit: American Public Power Association

Arup works in all sectors of renewable energy with extensive experience in solar PV and onshore and offshore wind. We support and shape projects from initial conception and business case, through technical viability and consultancy, to full engineering and asset life extension. Find out how we brought a major solar project to life in South Africa.

Oil and gas

We work with clients across LNG, oil and natural gas markets to minimise project risk and deliver maximum value. By collaborating across our structural, geotechnics and transaction skills we’re able to reduce programme costs and times. Find out how we achieved this on a major LNG project in Australia.

Energy Networks

Kai Tak District Cooling System. Credit: Arup.

Our work embraces transmission and distribution, off-grid, microgrid systems, heat networks, gas networks and data networks that communicate and extract information. We combine advisory insights about regulatory frameworks with the breadth of technical expertise. Find out how these reduced operating costs by 35% for a whole district in Hong Kong.

Cityscape graphic Cityscape graphic

Mastering urban energy

The growth of the world’s cities means ever greater demands on energy infrastructure and capacity. Energy needs to be at the forefront of infrastructure and city planning. We help governments, commercial organisations and financial institutions to make sound long-term decisions about their energy infrastructure, storage and usage. 

Visit our interactive city to learn more about the five factors shaping urban energy.

Our Energy services

Energy advisory

CIC Zero Carbon Building in Hong Kong. Credit: Arup.

We advise on energy master planning and business strategy from demand side reduction to transaction advice. We work with producers, large energy consumers, cities, property owners and corporate clients on energy strategies through to change management. Our services include market performance, planning and consenting. Learn how we can help shape your investment.

Energy systems

Energy systems

Clients want to take control of their energy consumption, we provide the specialist mechanical, electrical and project management skills to integrate energy systems into a project. Arup works with clients to provide up-front design scoping and integration, independent owner’s engineer, plus packaging and delivery management. Learn more about energy systems.

Energy structures

Temporary Bridge Installation

We design offshore platforms like our award winning ACE concept, LNG modular tanks and other LNG storage facilities, as well as tidal power and wind farms. We have developed a number of award winning structures thanks to our civil/structural, geotechnical, maritime, cost planning and advanced analytical in-house capabilities. Learn more about how we create energy structures.

Malampaya ace platform at night Malampaya ace platform at night

New ideas, new energy sources

Our advisory services team has helped shape and secure funding for projects like the Sibanye Gold solar PV facility in South Africa. In Africa alone, 8GW of solar PV has been generated thanks to our technical expertise. We are assisting development of new nuclear SMRs and the opportunities of hydrogen. We’re also involved in emerging markets like North Sea decommissioning. Here we’re applying 30 years of offshore engineering experience – taken from our oil, natural gas and LNG expertise – and pairing this with advisory services to help major energy operators decommission ageing platforms.

With energy specialists across all the world, our expertise is truly global. Contact us to find out how we can help deliver your energy programme.

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