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Arup works with clients to shape a better world through the efficient, affordable and sustainable sourcing of energy, its dispatch and use.

Arup works with clients to shape a better world through the efficient, affordable and sustainable sourcing of energy, its dispatch and use.

How do we power a changing world?

How we generate, distribute and consume energy is becoming more complex as the world population grows. Whatever the challenge, we help clients across the global energy industry adapt to these pressures, ensuring investments are low risk, high value and future-proof.

Sustainability, affordability and accessibility are vital elements of energy programmes, but each stage needs to be carefully considered, particularly in areas of increasing urbanisation, where demand can outpace supply. The industry is trying to decarbonise, expand renewables and overcome intermittent supply with effective storage systems.

  • 59,500 tonnes of carbon emissions will be saved per year on a district cooling system in Hong Kong
  • 23GW of renewable energy infrastructure across Europe
  • 150 onshore and offshore LNG projects across the world

Working across seven energy sectors

Whether it’s advisory services, energy system integration, or the detailed design of offshore energy structures, we work on behalf of clients across the world to shape transitional and long-term solutions; addressing a wide range of energy sectors and issues:

  • Demands and efficiency

  • Distributed energy and storage

  • Networks and smart grids

  • Renewables

  • Nuclear

  • Thermal power

  • Oil and gas

Worldwide expertise: delivering in key markets

Our experience allows us to improve quality of legacy energy infrastructure, taking skills from our specialists across the world and applying them to various energy markets. We work with a range of clients from inception to operation, from initial investment and advisory services through to design and engineering. 

Undertaking projects and programmes of work which will positively impact how energy is used across the world is key to our business, and strong relationships with our clients is at the core of what we do.

Whole systems thinking

Energy is a system-based business where every element has implications for the others. The best way to make improvements to generation, organisation, infrastructure and investment is to take a ‘whole systems thinking’ approach. Our team brings this industry-wide perspective, to integrate the different energy vectors, storage and network infrastructure with the built environment. This allows us to help clients more effectively with emerging ideas like Transactive Energy, which is changing the way urban energy grids supply, price and share energy.

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How we help our clients

Our service offerings and expertise can be applied across the various energy market sectors including new diversified approaches and disruptive technologies, for a varied range of clients worldwide:



We advise on energy strategy and master planning, from demand side reduction to transaction advice and due diligence. Our clients include operators, developers, cities, regulators, consenting authorities and infrastructure funds. Our services include market performance, change management, economics, site selection, environmental impact, planning and consenting. Learn more about our advisory services.



We provide specialist mechanical, electrical technical and project management skills to integrate energy systems. Arup works with clients seek to take control of energy consumption to provide up-front design scoping and integration, independent owner’s engineer, plus packaging and delivery management. Learn more about our energy systems expertise.



We design offshore platforms like our award winning ACE concept, LNG modular tanks and other LNG storage facilities, as well as offshore wind and tidal marine structures. We blend our civil/structural, geotechnical, maritime, cost planning and advanced analytical in-house capabilities to deliver innovative energy infrastructure for clients. Learn more about how we create energy structures.