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Arup helps design, build and re-develop buildings, structures and recreational facilities at the water’s edge, in rivers, estuaries or the sea.

Designing the world’s connectors

We regularly advise on port developments, evaluating economic viability and market demand, helping to build confidence in our clients’ business cases. We also design and engineer port facilities, finding cost-effective ways to add capacity and streamline operations. And our strengths in planning, environmental, geotechnical, logistics and transport consultancy mean we’re well-placed to help design a new port or overhaul existing facilities while identifying any long-term risks or opportunities.

We are the lead maritime engineering firm on the Port of Melbourne’s $1.6bn new Webb Dock, creating a new terminal capable of handling over a million containers every year.

Arup’s work on Marina Bay Waterfront in Singapore, called on our experience with materials and structures, to develop a resilient and sustainable promenade.

In Scotland we are providing a range of engineering services for the V&A Museum of Design, Dundee, a geometrically complex structure which projects out into the River Tay. Maritime works included an assessment of buildability, ship impact and flood risk for the development.

Harnessing energy

Our maritime skills support the energy sector in many ways, including the design of liquid natural gas and gravity bases for offshore wellhead platforms. We are also engaged on renewable energy schemes like off-shore wind farms and were designers on the new Swansea Tidal Lagoon’s turbine structures. The Lagoon will power over 150,000 homes.

A fully integrated lifelong service

Ports and other maritime infrastructure need long-term support to maintain operations. Arup has supported the Port of Jersey for over 15 years, providing everything from replacement of vital pontoons and ramps, fixing breakwaters and re-arranging marinas, to the maintenance of historic waterside structures.