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We are at the forefront of transformative rail around the world, helping shape tomorrow’s sustainable travel.

We are at the forefront of transformative rail around the world, helping shape tomorrow’s sustainable travel.

Across the world, we shape and deliver major rail projects for clients in the public and private sector. Our approach combines systems-thinking, the latest technologies and decades of experience.

From a single commuter journey to a country’s wider economy, rail can transform lives, businesses and communities. And in a world trying to cope with ever-increasing demand for mobility and the effects of climate change, while adapting to rapidly evolving technology, rail is a sustainable long-term investment.

Rail projects demand a complex mix of skills and insights – from initial strategy and economics, through to engineering, people-centred design, operations and asset management. Success depends on bringing all these elements together – brilliantly. That’s why our technical expertise is always backed by sharp strategic thinking, whether we’re optimising existing assets and services, or designing whole new railways.

How we work with you

Our team can help in five distinct ways:


We design rail infrastructure that benefits people and communities

Our end-to-end design service covers every element of the rail experience, from identifying the most sustainable route to achieving integrated railway architecture and master-planning. Our joined-up approach ensures any scheme will provide an excellent user experience and produce economic uplift to surrounding communities.

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We deliver major programmes and develop high performing organisations

We work as delivery partners and provide confident and efficient project management for major rail schemes. Central to infrastructure delivery is ensuring the right organisation and people are on board. Our expertise in organisational design helps clients to mobilise their people to deliver and operate railways around the world.

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We integrate complex technologies and rail systems to maximise efficiency

We help operators and asset owners run more efficient services, improve customer experiences and move to digital railways, blending legacy systems with new technologies and data, for the benefit of all rail users.

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We unlock financial value for investors, asset owners and operators

Railways generate huge economic potential, stimulating growth through easier journeys, adding value to cities and creating new opportunities for retail and residential development. We combine our international experience in designing and operating railways, with our financial and economic expertise to identify the greatest potential value in sites and schemes.

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We optimise railway performance and the whole-life value of assets

A sound asset management strategy is at the heart of a successful railway. We work with operators and owners to develop effective and sustainable whole-life approaches to asset operation and maintenance – from stations, tracks, tunnels to rolling-stock and depots.

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Connecting people to places by any mode of rail

We work across every mode of rail including high speed, metro, commuter, light rail, freight, automated people movers and monorail. It’s in our nature to take a system-wide approach at every stage of the rail lifecycle, meaning you benefit from our full range of advisory services to add value to your rail project or programme. We ensure that every rail project brings maximum benefits to the clients and communities new infrastructure serves.

Heavy rail

Heavy rail

Reducing congestion, car use and CO2 relies on having efficient and reliable rail connectivity. Networks need to get the most from their investments in upgrades.

We are working across the UK rail network as part of a major infrastructure, fleet modernisation and electrification programme. We are also working with the government in Western Australia to develop and deliver an integrated transport solution that will future-proof connectivity in Perth and its surrounding areas.

High speed

High speed

More than ever, high speed rail is becoming the preferred transport of choice for sustainable cross-country and cross-border travel, bringing people closer to jobs, education and each other.

From Europe and the Americas to China, Singapore and Australia, we partner with clients around the world to plan, develop and deliver complex and transformational new high speed links.

Light rail

Light rail

Light rail is increasingly seen as an economically and sustainably sound solution for convenient high-capacity, inter-city connectivity, a powerful way to enhance the wider transport network.

We have been supporting Transport for NSW to design and deliver Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail, a new high frequency inner city line which will increase connectivity to support growth of one Australia’s most vibrant cities.

Metro and mass transit

Metro and mass transit

High-capacity metro, subway and mass transit lines are the sustainable way to move millions of people safely, comfortably and quickly through the world’s urban centres.

From Crossrail in London, Cityringen in Copenhagen and the Melbourne Metro to the fully automated driverless mass transit networks in Singapore and Hong Kong, we’re working with clients to shape tomorrow’s urban rail and city mobility.