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Assets and operations

We help every kind of organisation with asset optimisation, operations management and strategies that get the best from their existing investments.

We help every kind of organisation with asset optimisation, operations management and strategies that get the best from their existing investments.

Well managed assets and facilities mean better business performance

Whatever your business, long-term success depends on efficient, high-performance assets. Our Advisory Services team helps clients in industries as varied as transport, energy and water to optimise the acquisition, operation, maintenance and divestment of the assets that their businesses depend on. Our service has two dimensions: asset strategy and asset operations, meaning we can help clients at both the broadest and most tactical levels.

Assets and operations must work hand-in-hand. That’s why taking a new approach to your business’ assets can improve your wider operations: from the level of service offered to financial performance achieved, from regulatory compliance to your overall position in the marketplace.

From sharper strategy to improved performance

First, we ask questions:

  • Does the existing asset strategy align with the organisation’s other, overall goals?

  • Are the right people and skills and supporting logistics in place?

  • What risks are posed by the existing assets and operational model?

From this point we work closely with clients to define a more effective asset management plan, making the most of each individual asset portfolio. That can mean anything from setting up new organisational structures, offering training and skills, to optimising lifecycle maintenance and management, and identifying potential future risks to assets’ resilience.

Make your acquisitions count

The transaction is done. You’ve taken receipt of a complicated asset. You now need to adapt your business plan to gain maximum value from the investment. Our advisory team are experts in helping clients get the most out of asset acquisitions, particularly after mergers or other corporate purchases.

Are you ready for major transitions?

There’s no more pivotal business moment than opening a new airport, hotel, hospital, sports stadium, or other major public asset. Open before you’re truly ready and the launch will be riddled by incomplete facilities, system failures, poor customer service and ongoing teething problems. The social media response to day-one errors is savage and reputations long built can be swept away.

To successfully plan and manage these unique moments of change we’ve developed a specialist service: Operational Readiness, Activation and Transition (ORAT). Operational readiness projects typically involve high profile public launches, complex combinations of new services or technologies, significant public interfaces, demanding security dimensions, among many other considerations. Depending on the sector this could mean moving staff to a new headquarters, opening a new airport terminal, or shifting services to a new data centre – all without a break in the level of service the end users expect and demand.

Arup is an expert in operational readiness, providing confidence on the most critical large-scale transitions.

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Discover how our team can help

You can access our Advisory Services through regional consultants around the world. Wherever you’re based, we can help you look beyond your sector to explore new sources of inspiration and identify opportunities for growth.

People and organisations

People and organisations

At moments of business change, like major expansions, getting the right mix of people skills and knowledge right is pivotal to success. Our team are experts in behavioural change, business psychology and leadership techniques that can help an organisation to stay ahead. Find out how we can help your team develop the people and skills it needs.

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Sustainable futures

Sustainable futures

A successful organisation is always a sustainable one. We work with clients in every sector to discover what the future means for their operations, services and products, developing the roadmap to more efficient operations. We believe doing the right thing leads to better business.

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Strategy and insights

Strategy and insights

We work with clients to develop sound business strategies that help them to face the future. Our team offers vital market and competitor analysis, stress testing proposed corporate strategies against market developments. We bring valuable objectivity, providing business leaders with insights into new trends and the emerging issues that will shape their future success.

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Finance and economics

Finance and economics

Planning a major transaction or acquisition? Need a fresh perspective on the changing economics of your market or sector? We help clients to understand what’s driving their market, make sound investments and stay on top of the many related technical, commercial and operational issues they face.

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Programmes and projects

Programmes and projects

Our global programme and project managers have delivered some of the world’s most ambitious schemes, from new airport terminals to vital bridges. Our experienced team bring you insights from other sectors, and can help you achieve your goals with confidence.

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