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Operations consulting

To help businesses do better, we align people, processes and assets.

To help businesses do better, we align people, processes and assets.

Detailed, holistic understanding of a business is elemental to successful, sustained performance improvement. To Arup’s operations consultants, that understanding embraces each component of an organisation’s operations, physical assets and culture. We make sure these components work together to support organisational goals.

We build responsive and supportive client–consultant relationships, which can inspire reinvention from within an organisation.

Change that transforms

Enhancing financial performance or customer service, tackling changing markets and elevating corporate social responsibility are familiar challenges to all business leaders. We help organisations meet their challenges competitively with advice that streamlines the way they work and the resources they use.

We advised The Crown Estate, for example, and Transport for London on a smart transport plan, using consolidation centres to transform the efficiency, sustainability and cost of urban freight logistics. Elsewhere, we have helped clients such as Network Rail, Imperial College and GlaxoSmithKline to bring about organisational change that invigorates leadership direction and improves productivity.

Considering people factors to humanise operations and design

When it comes to people and skills, a wide array of attributes and limitations need to be acknowledged, including the psychological and social aspects. Arup believes there is no better approach for improving your design than gaining a better and early understanding of the people you are designing for.

People factors encompass all aspects of a user’s journey. They are fundamental to understanding what the precise users’ needs are and where opportunities for improvement lie. Our approach is based on a robust understanding of different skills, including physical ergonomics, cognitive psychology, human-machine interactions and organisational behaviour.

Precise responses

Arup works with many businesses whose culture and operations are specialised and complex. We match the demands of clients in science and industry, aviation, healthcare and beyond by drawing on Arup’s technical expertise in each sector’s logistical and organisational requirements.

Pfizer asked Arup to identify and implement operational and engineering measures to reduce their $5.4m annual energy cost, and to cut corporate carbon emissions. To do so, we called on in-house knowledge, combining operations consultants with energy strategy and building services specialists.

Our teams often mix baggage handling experts and organisational psychologists to create inventive and lean solutions that are sought after worldwide. When Hong Kong Airport’s existing baggage handling system was close to capacity, Arup’s solution avoided expansion by nearly doubling capacity in the same space.

Likewise, we have helped clients such as Clarks Shoes and Zappos.com to define their goals, develop plans and select technology partners in solutions that ensure quality customer service at the right cost.

Beyond operational readiness

We are specialists in easing the transition from building a project to running it, whether for a new corporate headquarters, a hospital or a communications network. Making sure a new facility operates as intended is often just the start of ongoing business change.

Arup was instrumental at every step towards the successful opening of Emirates Terminal 3, Dubai Airport, the world’s largest terminal building. Since then, we have worked steadily on strategic planning for Dubai Airport to ensure that it continues to evolve to meet its expansion, quality and efficiency goals.