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Organisational behaviour

We help leaders inspire positive change from within their organisations.

We help leaders inspire positive change from within their organisations.

Change is easier to execute and sustain if everyone in an organisation supports its renewed direction.

Arup is commissioned by CEOs, senior managers and programme leaders to engage with their teams at all levels. We take a collaborative and consultative approach to ensure that outcome-focused change is understood, accepted and embraced, and that personal objectives align with organisational aims.

We are specialists in organisational design, change management, leadership development, executive coaching, knowledge and relationship management, training, skills development and team performance.

Accurate insight

Arup helps clients gain a true and precise understanding of workplace culture and human behaviour. We draw our insight from the experience of our organisational psychologists, business process specialists, change management practitioners and industry sector experts.

We work with managers to renew their understanding of leadership, and support them in improving performance and encouraging change. To some sectors, such as the construction industry, we bring specialised expertise in creating focused, high-performing teams.

Custom interventions

We design tailored programmes to match the specific needs of an organisation, its leaders and goals. Our leadership development programmes support organisational goals by helping managers reinvent themselves – personally and professionally.

Our Midwifery Leadership Development Programme, for example, was responsive to individual staff needs and ultimately focused on transforming maternity services for NHS East of England and NHS East Midlands. Likewise, our focus is firmly on workplace staff productivity as we help Siemens to develop a vision for its headquarters in Germany.

Harnessing knowledge

A resilient organisation manages, shares and builds on its collective knowledge – one of its most powerful assets.

Our organisational change and knowledge management consultants work side by side, often collaborating with Arup’s IT and communications specialists. They have helped shape and implement knowledge management strategies working with organisations such as Philips’ lighting division, Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Rail Corporation and the New South Wales Roads and Transport Authority.