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Programme and project management

Our expert programme and project management team brings certainty, creativity and confidence to our clients’ most ambitious schemes.

Our expert programme and project management team brings certainty, creativity and confidence to our clients’ most ambitious schemes.

Delivering major programmes and projects with confidence

Whatever the goal at hand, bringing in a dedicated programme or project management team (PPM) offers clients many advantages. Responsible and creative leadership; insights drawn from other sectors; and the confidence of an experienced team, ready to take on the largest and most complex commissions.

Arup works with clients in every industry, providing talented teams of project managers who support projects throughout the whole building lifecycle – developing the initial business case, procurement, undertaking design management, and then construction management.

But we also go beyond a project’s core aims, drawing on our wider knowledge to add value in different ways. Depending on the project there might be opportunities to set more ambitious sustainability targets or improve the overall workplace experience. We take time to consider the possibilities, adding value but never bureaucracy or costs.

Queensferry Crossing

On the Forth Replacement Crossing Project, our PPM team quickly discovered the project cost estimate for the original scope as defined was undeliverable for the client. But by stepping back, questioning assumptions and challenging the brief we were able to help reimagine the scheme to deliver on all project goals to programme deadlines and for half the original budget.

Bringing communities and users onboard

No project is ever only about numbers. That’s why we help our clients to find ways to expand the social value of their projects or investments, helping them play a more beneficial role in the communities they work in. Again, Arup’s huge range of skills and experience means we can spot opportunities others miss.

There are new ways to bring certainty to projects and programmes too. On complex infrastructure projects like the U.K.’s High Speed 2, our team were able to provide new digital and visualisation tools to help the stakeholder engagement process, engaging the communities with a better understanding of the route, the impact and the noise involved.

Taking on major programmes

On programme management commissions our perspective is even wider. Our team offer strategic advice, always taking time to relate the work at hand to clients’ other long-term goals. How does an whole estate work, viewed as a whole portfolio? Where can efficiencies and savings be produced across the whole commission? We provide a forensic, aerial view.

We help clients to decide their priorities, making sure their choices and investments are truly beneficial over the long-term. We also ensure they have the governance mechanisms to stay in control of costs and can stay forward looking.

The information opportunity

As the built environment becomes a fully digital realm, information management has become a more important business priority. Our digital services team are expert at setting up common data environments, managing clients’ overall information management requirements. We develop dashboards that bring real control over the most complex projects and programmes.

We also develop and set-up BIM models that can support clients’ ongoing post-completion operations, leading to new possibilities like the ‘digital twin’. Our visualisation experts can also find new ways to turn client information into valuable insights and services, aiding the stakeholder engagement process in new ways. Imagination is the only limitation

Discover how our team can help

You can access our Advisory Services through regional consultants around the world. Wherever you’re based, we can help you look beyond your sector to explore new sources of inspiration and identify opportunities for growth.

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Assets and operations

Assets and operations

We help clients to develop effective asset strategies. Taking a new approach to your business’ assets can optimise your wider operations: from the level of service you can offer to the financial performance you achieve. Our approach ensures your existing assets and investments work harder, and smarter.

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People and organisations

People and organisations

At moments of business change, like major expansions, getting the right mix of people skills and knowledge right is pivotal to success. Our team are experts in behavioural change, business psychology and leadership techniques that can help an organisation to stay ahead. Find out how we can help your team develop the people and skills it needs.

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Sustainable futures

Sustainable futures

A successful organisation is always a sustainable one. We work with clients in every sector to discover what the future means for their operations, services and products, developing the roadmap to more efficient operations. We believe doing the right thing leads to better business.

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Strategy and insights

Strategy and insights

We work with clients to develop sound business strategies that help them to face the future. Our team offers vital market and competitor analysis, stress testing proposed corporate strategies against market developments. We bring valuable objectivity, providing business leaders with insights into new trends and the emerging issues that will shape their future success.

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Finance and economics

Finance and economics

Planning a major transaction or acquisition? Need a fresh perspective on the changing economics of your market or sector? We help clients to understand what’s driving their market, make sound investments and stay on top of the many related technical, commercial and operational issues they face.

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