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Total Design in a digital world.

Arup has always pioneered the use of the most advanced technologies

Our founder Ove Arup championed Total Design, integrating disciplines to ensure the best possible outcome. That has driven the firm to always pioneer the use of technology to enable us to design whatever can be imagined. Now, the built environment and the digital world combine to create a complete solution for clients and those who use what they build.

Physical, human, digital

Constant connectivity is changing the needs and behaviours of the people who use the assets we help build. There is a digital dimension to the physical world, and that impacts everything.

That’s why at every stage of the project we see it as critical to consider the dynamic interaction of all three elements – people, the physical environment, and digital technology – to help clients make better decisions and offer users a great digital era experience.

How do you achieve better outcomes?

The digital world transforms our ability to help clients make better decisions at every stage in project lifecycles, then design and engineer better solutions to achieve better outcomes.


Digital drives better decisions

BIM diagram of Midfield Development at Hong Kong International Airport

When you’re making big investment choices you need a partner who brings together the creative minds of leading experts in your industry with technology that enables us to imagine every possibility together.

Data analysis and digital design tools model every option and look at connected factors. Digital visualisation helps stakeholders see and hear for themselves what’s planned and so respond in an informed way. Digital construction techniques mean everyone involved can make much better decisions during the build and once the operations go live.

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Digital drives better engineering

Midfield Development phase 1 model

Digital design tools are transforming at rapid speed – and we’re at the forefront of this innovation. They enable us to deliver projects more accurately, with less waste and at greater pace.

We use the latest software to enable teams in different countries with different skills to collaborate in real-time on a single project. And because we’re increasingly able to digitise the processes involved, we can focus more of our time on better engineering.

Digital Systems make up to 25% of capital budgets, design teams need to define digital assets, why and how they might integrate, where the data they produce goes to and how to make these systems secure.

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Digital drives better outcomes

Airport terminal at night

The combination of data science, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and now Artificial Intelligence and machine learning all combine to enable better real time operational decisions.

Informed analysis enables better long term strategies for your asset. That means you’re assured of a better performance from your investments now and into the future.

The insights we collect feed into our future projects too. That means there’s a process of continual learning and improvement – enabling us to help you experience better outcomes.

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Shenzen Airport Terminal building Shenzen Airport Terminal building

Digital in everything we do

At the heart of our Digital Strategy work is a focus on end user experiences and performance outcomes of what is being built.

Our Digital Masterplanning work combines our expertise in our clients’ specific market, knowledge of the built environment and extensive understanding of the digital domain. This ensures our clients are getting the best advice about technology deployment and the future needs of their end users.

Increasingly, our consultants work with clients to digitise complete processes so that everything becomes data driven. This results in more informed decision making, quicker and cheaper execution of capital projects and higher performance at the operational stage.

Manchester University Edit BIM model Manchester University Edit BIM model

Digital orchestrates construction

Digital technology enables our clients to achieve much more efficient capital programmes.

Arup’s leading design and engineering services are increasingly digitally based, and we are helping lead the way towards total adoption of standardised Buildings Information Modelling (BIM).

We are constantly innovating in the way we use this combination of technologies to speed up processes, enable widespread collaboration and be more creative in what we can imagine together. What’s more, the data we generate at this stage can then form the basis of a much more effective operational management system