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Realising the potential of 5G

Realising the potential of 5G

5G networks have much to offer the business world. The combination of incredible speeds, low latency, huge data transfer capabilities, and increased flexibility can support a whole range use cases: from driverless cars to industrial automation, augmented reality, remote healthcare and drone-based deliveries.

Arup specialises in helping clients cut through the hype and supporting clients to identify and capitalise on the potential opportunities presented by 5G. Our suite of services cover everything from early stage advisory and business case development, through service and technical design, programme management, and operational readiness.

Our services

Strategy and advisory

The performance advantages may be clear enough but understanding exactly what 5G can really offer and the business case will be critical.

We combine a deep understanding of digital infrastructure, data ecosystems and future trends to help clients identify and realise the opportunities presented by 5G.

Service design

What are the use cases for 5G, and why, and are these meaningful, tangible and deliverable?

With a human-centric approach, we develop innovative 5G use-cases, ensuring they deliver tangible and valuable outcomes for both our clients and their users and customers.

Technical design

Ensuring the 5G infrastructure is right, future-proofed and integrated within the built environment should be a key priority.

We have the technical expertise in fixed and mobile communications, planning, civil works, structures, mechanical and electrical engineering services, to help clients implement 5G with confidence.

Programme management

The successful roll-out of 5G, as with any major technology project, requires careful planning and management.

We use our experience managing complex programmes to support the seamless deployment of 5G.

Change and readiness

Whether it’s implementing a new 5G-enabled health service, or automating a factory, you need to understand and prepare for this change in terms of people, process and technology.

Drawing on our experience in operational readiness and change management, we are able to de-risk the adoption of new technology and fully realise the benefits of 5G technology.

Case studies

We're already helping many clients to join the 5G world:

Urban use cases

Establishing the case for 5G

What is the business case for a UK city scale demonstrator for innovative products and services based on transformative digital technologies such as 5G? That was a central question we were commissioned to help the Future Cities Catapult answer. We analysed use cases across six themes, developed a financial model and programme for the project, identified the implementation requirements, and assessed the regulations that could impact the use cases. We were subsequently appointed to propose governance and business models for four specific use cases.

Designing 5G-enabled experiences

Designing 5G-enabled experiences

Our experience design team are experts at fusing client, community and user needs with the most effective uses of emerging technology. We worked with a major telecoms tech provider to develop prototype applications and experiences that offer mixed reality interfaces (virtual reality, augmented reality, physical reality) powered by next-generation networking infrastructure including 5G. We helped them explore how AR can improve urban planning, design, and development processes.

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Bringing rigour and insight to 5G procurement

Bringing rigour and insight to procurement

We helped a major UK communications infrastructure provider in determining an appropriate procurement strategy for their planned national 5G upgrade programme. We explored packaging options, supply chain interfaces, opportunities for innovation and routes to market.

Understanding the physical implications of 5G

Understanding the physical implications of 5G

In collaboration with a major airport operator, we undertook a study to identify the extent to which 5G technology would be required in their new terminal development and the associated physical infrastructure this would need. We helped them explore use cases across the areas of passenger experience, passenger processing, bag handover, security screening and facilities management.

New capabilities, new behaviours

The step-change that 5G will bring about will require careful planning. Technology alone is never the determinant of a successful rollout. Culture change, staff training, anticipating customer or client behaviour – these must all be factored into an operational readiness plan. Our ORAT (operational readiness and transition) approach is pivotal to getting your business ready for day one, bringing everyone with you, ensuring you’re ready to scale up if demand increases.

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