International development UNOPS Haiti 166 Reconstruction of Port Au Prince Districts Haiti; International development UNOPS Haiti 166 Reconstruction of Port Au Prince Districts Haiti;

International development


International development

Partnering with development and humanitarian organisations to help strengthen the impact of their work.

Arup International Development is a specialist, not-for-profit business within Arup. We partner with development and humanitarian organisations to help them make best use of resources in combating poverty and vulnerability, and increasing wellbeing and resilience.

Clarity and rigour

We believe in 'getting to the heart of the problem’ and can help shape projects right from the outset. We provide strategic advice, technical expertise, assessment and evaluation, to help our partners get the best results at organisational, programme or project level. Our areas of focus are sustainable buildings and infrastructure, community and urban resilience, disaster response and reconstruction.

Our core team of international development professionals are able to tap into the unique multidisciplinary Arup network of over 11,000 people, across five continents. This allows us to put the right team on each project, regardless of location and sensitive to the cultural context.

Our professional expertise and deep understanding of international development sets us apart. We are able to unpack complex challenges and bring greater clarity and rigour to the field.

Collaborate for enduring change

We believe in collaboration with our partners and communities. Working together we are stronger and better equipped to bring about enduring change. It’s why many of our relationships with partners are long-standing.

Through our six-year partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation on the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network we are helping to build climate change resilience for poor and vulnerable people. With a not-for-profit humanitarian, development and peacebuilding support organisation, we are helping to improve the speed, quality, resilience and sustainability of infrastructure projects delivered globally.We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity on a number of projects, helping them to respond effectively to the 2010 Haiti earthquake, strengthening their capacity to help slum dwellers in Bangladesh and influencing the future effectiveness of their shelter response to humanitarian crises.

Sharing knowledge

We believe in sharing new knowledge and lessons learned for the benefit of all. A great example is the City Resilience Framework, supported by The Rockefeller Foundation and developed by Arup. Our tool enables cities to understand and measure their adaptability to shocks and stresses, and thus inform and shape urban planning, practice and investment.

Equally, our development of ASPIRE, a software based tool for assessing sustainability and poverty reduction in developing countries, has been used to share learning across countries and programmes.

A strong track record of improved outcomes

With successful outcomes in over 30 countries we have a strong track record of helping many development and humanitarian organisations, and the people they’re mandated to help. Whether this is achieving clarity where there is complexity, greater efficiency, or improving the speed, quality and sustainability of projects.