Seismic design Beijing National Stadium Olympic Green Beijing; Seismic design Beijing National Stadium Olympic Green Beijing;

Seismic design


Seismic design

Understanding the earth’s processes together with the complex response of structures equips us to design safer and more resilient communities.

Arup works in earthquake-prone areas worldwide. From Japan to San Francisco, responsible infrastructure and building design demands the application of expertise in all aspects of earthquake engineering.

We have accumulated formidable experience and skill in seismic design, and the essential specialist fields behind it – including seismology, geotechnical and structural engineering, risk assessment and management.

Enabling creative architecture

We work with clients and architects to engineer the most ambitious of structures to be both earthquake-tolerant and economically feasible.

Our landmark projects include Japan’s Osaka International Convention Center, Maison Hermes and Osaka Maritime Museum; China’s CCTV, Beijing National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) and Kingkey Tower; and the California Academy of Sciences, Seattle Central Library and the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts in the US.

Safeguarding critical assets

To protect communities and businesses, it is essential to safeguard the utilities and industries they depend on.

We use performance-based design methods and modern seismic protection technologies to provide assured functionality for recovery-critical facilities such as hospitals, fire stations, strategic buildings, airport terminals, transportation structures, energy infrastructure and telecommunications facilities.

We work with major companies such as Procter & Gamble and Toyota to help them minimise the impacts of earthquakes on their staff, facilities and productivity. Our catastrophe risk management experts provide engineering-informed advice to public and private sector clients on mitigation and insurance strategies.

We provide post-earthquake support to clients through our global network of offices, and participate in field survey missions with other professionals and academics through organisations such as EERI and EEFIT.

Promoting resilience

Arup has become a global leader in seismic engineering through the innovative approach we have adopted in our design projects and in promoting the societal benefits of improved resilience. Following the 2004 Indian ocean tsunami we reviewed the post-tsunami reconstruction of houses, schools and medical centres, and authored a leading report by the Disasters Emergency Commission.

Our work on seismic design of tall buildings led to authorship of new recommendations for the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, and we have taken leading roles in recent initiatives to advance US practice funded by NIST.