The connection between transport and social inclusion is well established. Poor access to transport services makes goods and services inaccessible, sometimes marginalising those without access to a car. 

Embracing future mobility will play an essential role in decarbonising transport, helping cities and towns on the journey to net zero emissions. But steps must be taken to ensure transport is equitable – it must work for the benefit of all and contribute to social justice and levelling up, without reinforcing existing inequalities.

Transport authorities, government and operators must work collaboratively to ensure that emerging transport services and technology integrate with existing systems and align with wider strategic priorities for people and places.

This study presents a checklist for assessing the role of future mobility in creating a more equitable travel experience and informing discussions about future policy, infrastructure and services. It is hoped that this checklist will enable authorities to set clear aspirations and work together with future mobility providers to facilitate the shift towards low-carbon transport options, whilst reducing inequality.

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Equitable Future Mobility