As the world population continues to rapidly increase whilst becoming more urbanised and more affluent, demand for power, heat and transport is growing with it. Global energy demand is expected to increase just as fast and potentially double by 2050.

There are three challenges that have to be addressed when facing investment in energy and demand and these three challenges imply a trade-off when choosing one over the other. These three elements make up the Energy Trilemma:

  • Energy Security
  • Energy Sustainability
  • Energy Affordability

Our five minute guide looks at how the trilemma can be used as an important tool for countries, cities and organisations looking to make informed decisions about energy. It also discusses how each of the variables (security, sustainability and affordability) cannot be thought of in isolation. The guide features an index model created by Arup which will assist judgements relating to the Energy Trilemma and will also lead to a trilemma score.

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Five Minute Guide to the Energy Trilemma