Imagine if for every £ spent on construction, we could gain ££££ of social value. What would that mean for the UK? Improved health and wellbeing? Fewer inequalities? A reduced pressure on other areas of public spending?

Placemaking and construction have the power to significantly improve social value for disadvantaged citizens and left-behind communities, and for the UK more generally. Co-authored by Arup, this report examines the current situation and explores how we can achieve a step change in social value delivery. 

Based on interviews with a range of relevant organisations, roundtables and surveys, as well as desktop research, the report covers how social value is defined, how it is delivered and evaluated, and the role of partnerships. The report makes a series of recommendations for change, designed to support those who procure social value and those who supply it, and ultimately help the UK achieve the social value outcomes it seeks.

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From the ground up: improving the delivery of social value in construction