The energy sector is changing rapidly. Transformative new technologies, innovative business models, and demand for climate action are shifting how utilities, customers, and regulators interact with our energy systems. These shifts will create new energy industry markets and opportunities in the coming decades.

Written as a retrospective from the year 2035, Energy Systems in the US: A view from 2035, examines the key changes to the industry that Arup foresees in the coming years. Arup envisions a world with a more diverse range of distributed energy resources, a less carbon intensive generating portfolio, and more localized energy solutions aimed at meeting the needs of each region within the United States.

In the spirit of the United Kingdom-based Future of Energy: 2035 retrospective, Arup’s energy experts from across the United States and Canada have provided our vision for the future of the US energy space, highlighting the key roles that renewables, energy storage, hydrogen, and Internet of Things will play in the coming years.

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Future of Energy - Energy Systems in the US: A View from 2035