High Speed 1 (HS1) is the first high-speed rail line and one of the best-performing, most reliable railways in the UK. 

Today, the vast majority of passengers between London, Paris and Brussels take Eurostar trains, which run on HS1 to travel, rather than airlines. HS1 catalysed regeneration both in London and in communities along the route, and set new environmental standards for major infrastructure projects.

HS1 offers a wealth of knowledge on the funding, organisation, delivery, maintenance and operation of new high-speed railways. This report highlights key considerations and learnings for any organisation embarking on a high-speed rail project.

In a world where sustainability and resilience are becoming ever more urgent priorities, there are wider lessons for anyone engaged in major infrastructure projects of any kind. This will be invaluable for shaping the industry in the critical decades ahead – and for fulfilling our overarching imperative to decarbonise all aspects of train travel.

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High Speed 1: laying the tracks for transformation