In today’s modern economy, the cities that will be successful are those that can harness and commercialise the knowledge, creativity and ideas from their most innovative and diverse people and institutions.

Universities, hospitals, government functions, cultural institutions, start-up companies and knowledge-intensive firms can all innovate through collaboration. These urban areas with networks of knowledge-producing organisations are known as innovation districts.

Innovation districts are reshaping and regenerating parts of major UK cities, creating and attracting new high quality jobs in accessible locations. They are enabling our cities to create the new products, processes, technologies and high growth firms that will drive productivity growth.

A clear focus, sufficient resource and collaboration is needed to realise the full potential of innovation districts. Together with the UK Innovation Districts Group, this report looks to drive more productive growth through 5 specific recommendations from Government prioritisation to creating a national network of knowledge quarters.

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Innovation Districts: How can we drive growth in major UK cities?