Transport systems are some of the most fundamentally connective aspects of any town or city and it’s vital that they are accessible to all, physically and financially, if we want to retain community cohesion. Whenever a city population has to mostly rely on a car, inclusive travel is far from being achieved. Whatever the mix of modes, the goal should be to develop transport networks that are accessible, available, acceptable and affordable.

Inclusive design recognises that people will have different preferences, requirements and needs which impact the experience of cities – how easily they can physically access connections, how safe they feel, how accessible transport is to disabled, disadvantaged or neurodiverse users as well as women, children and elderly populations.

Research and planning are key. By bringing together transport experts with inclusive and accessible design experts, it becomes possible to create spaces that everyone can use independently and fairly.

Brisbane Botanic Riverwalk
Arup worked on Brisbane's Riverwalk – an appealing active travel feature for the city.