With most children now growing up in cities, we need playful spaces that nurture a generation of happy, creative and resilient children and help make our cities more responsive to the shocks they face. 

The initiative Strengthening Urban Resilience through Play by the Real Play Coalition and the Resilient Cities Network, was done in collaboration with the seven Play Ambassador Cities of Houston, Milan, Belfast, Barcelona, Colima, Ramallah and Tbilisi, with the aim to promote the value of play in cities globally, and support impactful play-focused ideas that contribute to children’s well-being, optimal development, and resilience strengthening.  

This report created in partnership with Arup and the LEGO Foundation, presents the insights from a series of peer-to-peer learning activities between the partners and member cities, public events (online webinars and dedicated events during COP26 in Glasgow) and an extensive public survey that was carried out between June-September 2021 and includes contributions from over 100 cities globally. 

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Strengthening urban resilience though play