The importance of the logistics industry, and the sustainable movement of things, to the economic and social wellbeing of our cities, regions, and Australia, is rising. 

On top of the already sharply rising volume of logistics, the shocks and disruptions to the industry seen recently through the pandemic has seen the logistics industry pivot and resiliently meet this increased demand for goods. The underlying cultural changes that are driving preferential delivery of goods directly to consumers have also been markedly accelerated.

Now, as this demand for movement of goods into our neighbourhoods continues to rise, our cities too must re-assess the vital relationship between logistics, our infrastructure, our communities and our environments. A new deal must be found between logistics and city governance as good neighbours – using complementary planning and policies. Community wellbeing, efficiency, amenity, prosperity, and sustainability should be placed at the core of a revived relationship.  

This report shows how logistics is a catalyst for social, economic and environmental benefits across our Australian cities – with success founded on cities and the logistics industry working more closely together.

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The Future of Australian Logistics and our Cities