Southeast Asian nations are swiftly embracing electric vehicles (EVs), as they pivot away from fossil fuels towards a cleaner transport landscape.  

The move to a zero-emission vehicle future will require new thinking and infrastructure. So, what will this future hold for petrol stations?

In response to a lack of research into repurposing petrol stations, we partnered with the National University of Singapore (NUS) to investigate how in the shift to EVs they could be repurposed.

Our report details:

  • Our four-stage research approach (define, assess, design and act) which city planners can use when analysing, re-evaluating, and repurposing their existing assets.
  • Lessons learned from projects in the United Kingdon, United States, Europe and Asia.
  • Design ideas for different repurposing options using real petrol station locations in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.


The future of petrol stations in an EV world