Lighting can play a pivotal role in revitalising high streets and town centres by enhancing the attractiveness of the environment. With more people choosing to walk or cycle, lighting is essential to help create a feeling of safety, particularly during the darker winter months.

Written during the COVID-19 pandemic, this report discusses why now is the time for local governments to rethink the value of urban lighting beyond just a functional add-on for safety or beautification and recognise it as a solution for economic recovery, as well as the quality of life for citizens, both during and post-pandemic.

We have highlighted nine challenges at the heart of town centre regeneration and the role of lighting as a tool to take practical action. Our selection of global case studies focus on the socio-economic value of lighting and ways to enhance our human experience in public spaces during the hours of darkness. The report concludes with guidance on developing a comprehensive lighting strategy to meet with the town’s objectives for regeneration.

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The role of lighting in supporting town centre regeneration and economic recovery
Video still showing a residential road in the UK
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