The rail industry is facing a mixture of familiar and new pressures. Rising demand, the arrival of the digital passenger, the need for high speed networks, more efficient asset management.

It feels like the list of operational priorities never stops growing. Our new publication focuses away from trends to explore the most effective ways to develop railway systems fit for today’s demand and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Rail is an essential component of sustainable travel. The challenge for the entire industry – operators, asset owners, regulators, suppliers, advisors, investors and governments – is how to turn increasing demand into consistent, transformative momentum, and ensure passengers’ participation in the process. Three factors will be critical to success: human-centred design, to ensure rail and mobility works for all. Digital transformation, through increased industry-wide collaboration and stronger leadership. And finally, a sustainable development ethos needs to be at the heart of all our decision-making, to produce a better future for all.

Drawing on the expertise of 100 rail specialists, from inside and outside our firm, this timely report brings together the insights, debates and discussions that are shaping today’s rail agenda.


Transformative Rail