More countries are seizing the momentum of green growth in response to the growing climate emergency, and this includes Brunei. Having set an ambition towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Brunei’s economy will need to adapt to stay competitive – but how?

Commissioned by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, our report identifies four opportunities related to oil and gas and its downstream sectors that can lay the foundation for Brunei’s green economy by driving decarbonisation and bringing economic value for the nation.

These are:

  1. transition to renewable energy
  2. carbon capture storage (CCS) services
  3. clean hydrogen export hub
  4. commercial and industrial waste recycling. 

Through an in-depth analysis, the report details the rationale and quantifies the impact of each green economic opportunity for Brunei. The report discusses the challenges that these opportunities face in the context of Brunei and identifies potential actions that can enable relevant public and private sector actors to drive implementation and a sustainable transition pathway.

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UK–Brunei Green Economy Framework