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Arup works with governments to evaluate, design and implement the hard-working public infrastructure their populations depend on.

Arup works with governments to evaluate, design and implement the hard-working public infrastructure their populations depend on.

From policies to realities

The firm has been working closely with public sector clients around the globe for decades, so we understand the importance of delivering world-class solutions that meet local standards and process requirements. We bring global insight to local challenges, helping to shape a more accessible, liveable and resilient world.

Understanding the public

The work of today’s policymakers is highly complex. Delivering better government requires the best evidence and the best tools to shape better policy. We work to support governments at local, regional, national and supranational level through our teams of researchers, analysts, network modellers, planners, designers and engineers.

The scope and depth of our knowledge about the hard and soft infrastructure needed build a better future is supported by Arup tools such as SoundLab and Massmotion. They enable us to align the best solutions with local aspirations across the public sphere.

From investment to value

We understand that considerations of probity, long-term value, and total cost of ownership must underpin project choices. Our consulting expertise means we’re adept at translating high level policy needs into workable schemes, whether in the urban realm, energy and resources, transport, water, or any other area. Through our global consulting teams, we are well-placed to shape affordable, deliverable and resilient outcomes for all the communities we serve.

At Long Beach Civic Center in California we helped the client produce a financially viable regeneration project that’s revitalised the city’s centre, overcoming initial budgetary constraints. In Sydney, Australia we’ve worked with city politicians to design an urban framework and transport strategy that maximised long-term passenger and regeneration benefits.

Investing for resilience

One of government’s primary duties is to protect its people. Arup has a proud track record of working with clients and partners to shape the public response to current challenges and emerging threats. Our work covers everything from resilience, security and risk through to our close engagement with the 100RC project and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. Working in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation, we’ve developed tools like the City Resilience Index which helps local decision makers to grade their city’s preparedness for the threats they face. In doing so, we seek to protect communities and deliver social good.

We’re also interested in how our own industry can become more sustainable, and we are working in partnership with the Ellen Macarthur Foundation on circular economy approaches to the built environment. We’ve also been an active supporter of the 2015 COP21 Paris climate accord, and we’re already helping clients across the world to plan for the pragmatic adaptations required to meet the agreement’s targets.

Responsible innovation

Arup draws on decades of global experience to forge new ideas into practical solutions. Across the public sector, there are a huge number of challenges from demographic change and rising demands on infrastructure to health and climate risks. Arup works at the heart of all these issues, delivering innovate solutions that match local aspirations, within the necessary funding constraints.

Arup’s strengths in research and analysis produce responsible innovation. Our researchers examine issues in partnership with public stakeholders to help policy makers predict and respond to the trends shaping infrastructure and public spending goals.

Korea Pavilion_ Shanghai World Expo 2010_ China_(c) Kingkay Architectural Photography1 Korea Pavilion_ Shanghai World Expo 2010_ China_(c) Kingkay Architectural Photography1

Institutional strengths

Across the world Arup works on the design of national embassies and their supporting facilities. These projects usually combine an expression of national identity with high performance functional requirements. Arup provided an integrated set of skills on the American Embassy in Beirut, to create a diplomatic centre with LEED-rated sustainability performance.

Arup also has a long history of design and engineering countries’ Expo pavilions. These structurally ambitious yet politically sensitive projects, call on our full range of disciplines and ability to work innovatively with materials and form. We’ve produced inspiring environments for the Danish, the South Koreans, the Spanish, the Chinese, working alongside some of the world’s most talented architects.