Consultation room Kaiser Panorama City Medical Centre; Consultation room Kaiser Panorama City Medical Centre;


Arup shapes healthcare environments and processes which promote healing, efficiency and resilience.

Arup shapes healthcare environments and processes which promote healing, efficiency and resilience.

Shaping a healthy future

Our global team of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists are highly experienced in planning and implementing world class healthcare facilities and supporting high quality healthcare operations by aligning people, processes and assets.

Healing environments

Like healthcare professionals, we are resolutely focused on outcomes, shaping healthcare environments and processes which promote healing, efficiency and resiliency. Our approach is to bring together specialists in high-performing, multi-disciplinary teams. For example, Arup’s decades long strengths in acoustics and lighting design, combined with our understanding of infection control, thermal comfort and transportation enable us to produce facilities like Australia's Alfred Intensive Care Unit. Here we brought global best practice in intensive care design to produce patient-centered areas within a tightly controlled clinical environment.

Benefit from the world’s best ideas

As an industry, healthcare varies greatly from one country to the next. But whether private or publically-funded, clients work with Arup because our global healthcare experience means they benefit from the world’s best ideas. Our highly collaborative, international network of specialists means we always apply the world’s highest standards and push designs harder.

Kaiser Permanente hospital render room interior Kaiser Permanente hospital render room interior

Creating resilience

In California hospitals must be seismically resilient. That’s why our Los Angeles and San Francisco teams now consult on healthcare projects in other earthquake zones in Europe and Asia. In Canada, our work on the new Calgary Cancer Centre includes Arup specialists in healthcare planning, vertical transportation, digital and design/build projects from Calgary, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles and London. Arup is structured to be highly effective across disciplines and across borders.

Sustainable healthcare

Modern healthcare is highly energy intensive and increasing use of medical technology only adds to hospital and clinics’ operational costs. Arup takes a joined-up approach to these issues, bringing together consultancy and design expertise to produce highly sustainable environments.

At Kaiser Permanente San Diego we produced an acute care centre that creates its own energy from a micro-turbine trigeneration system and a photovoltaic solar canopy. The hospital is designed to make smart use of water, saving 5 million gallons per year. The result is the second large scale LEED platinum certified hospital in the world and a great example of how sustainability and cost-effectiveness can be designed-in from the outset.


Providing vital leadership

In this complex and rapidly changing sector, leadership is a decisive factor. That’s why Arup also supports transformational change and the development for the next generation of healthcare leaders. In 2016-17, our award-winning Emerging Leaders Programme for the UK’s NHS gave 68 clinicians and managers new systems leadership skills, helping them to realize operational efficiencies and successfully address transformational change within the NHS.

We’ve also designed and run a midwifery leadership programme in the UK, building individual and organisational skills for a new generation of midwives. By developing people we believe we gain deeper insights into the future shape of healthcare, from physical facilities to patient care processes.

Building better business

We understand the ever-changing business of healthcare, its particular procurement processes, its leadership and staffing challenges, its technology needs and its patients’ expectations. We work with healthcare authorities, providers, owners, funders, clinicians, and managers to help overcome these issues, responding with schemes that offer the greatest value in terms of investment and total cost of ownership.

At the UK’s Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre we used an integrated approach, ensuring that all key decisions on design and cost were value-driven, leading to significant capital cost savings in the design and procurement stages on this vital health facility for the armed services.



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