Yas Island Marina Hotel_(c) Bjorn Moerman Photography2; Yas Island Marina Hotel_(c) Bjorn Moerman Photography2;

Hotels and Leisure

Arup leads the way in the development and design of hotel and leisure projects that set new operational, commercial and experiential standards.

Arup leads the way in the development and design of hotel and leisure projects that set new operational, commercial and experiential standards.

We support hotel and leisure clients by creating distinctive, high-performance and sustainable developments. To do this, we provide a full design service, from concept to operation. Our building designers and consultants work with developers and operators around the globe – on projects that typically equate to around 25,000 rooms at any one time, and range from an eco-lodge in South Africa to the Venetian Macau, Asia’s largest single-structure hotel plus resort.

Stronger, more sustainable businesses

We shape great hotel experiences at every level, from comfort to five-star luxury and beyond. Our breadth of relevant specialist skill sets – including lighting, acoustics, audio-visual, security, vertical transportation and landscaping – allow us to contribute in a joined-up fashion to an entire project concept. They also allow us to help hotel clients to tackle the efficiency challenges of water, waste and energy and improve their overall operations.

When it comes to sustainability, corporate aspirations increasingly align with the wishes of guests, staff and the wider community. At the Hotel Amstelkwartier, Amsterdam, we developed the first LEED® platinum hotel in Europe, and designed the overall building services, fire and sustainability concept.

A fresh identity

Arup’s building design ethos matches the aspirations of hotel and leisure developers. We want to create buildings that inspire and delight, and which are responsive to people’s needs. To help operators keep pace with guests’ evolving expectations, we embed powerful IT connectivity and systems to deliver more personalised services, or engineer a hotel’s skin to create a more naturally comfortable environment inside.

Our structural and lighting specialists instil wonder with stunning forms, façades and displays, as for Abu Dhabi’s landmark Yas Hotel. The visual impact of buildings is a powerful means of expression for a global brand, or the perfect way for a boutique hotel to stand out. We have provided this reinvention through building retrofits, for projects like the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London.

Digital natives and new expectations

The hotel and leisure sector was one of the first to be affected by consumer digital technology. Today, hotel operators need to operate in customer-centric ways, responding to guests’ increasing demand for digital room control, improved internet coverage and mobile concierge services. Arup’s digital specialists help clients to implement adaptive IT systems that can deliver delightful experiences. We also find ways to use connected sensors across a site or portfolio, to drive new operational insights and cost benefits.

Marina_Bay_Sands_Timothy_Hursley Marina_Bay_Sands_Timothy_Hursley

Resorts that draw crowds

Leisure and resort projects require a complex mix of expertise and insight, to produce high quality experiences that are welcoming, attractive and also sustainable. We’re experts in the design of green infrastructure systems for remote, beach and island environments, including low energy and low water demand solutions. We bring a highly effective combination of project management and logistics, ecology, building physics and marine engineering to create resorts like Singapore’s vast Marina Bay Sands integrated resort.