From our global experience applying digital tools and processes, we understand that often there are constraints on the availability and accessibility of resources and data. We also recognise that the accelerating rate of technological change positions low- and middle-income countries to take advantage of ‘leapfrog’ technologies, which bypass older infrastructure, offering new possibilities for development.

Digital tools and processes, backed by Arup’s expertise, can improve transparency and the flow of information, increase access to data, enhance data quality, and extend the reach of limited resources. Our digital, international, and donor-programme experience enables us to adapt technology solutions to various contexts and integrate consultative processes that support knowledge exchange and transfer. Our collaborative culture ensures that we can access the skills and expertise of specialists in fields such as geospatial data science, mobile survey apps, and digital strategy on a project-by-project basis, to tailor digital solutions to the needs and objectives of our partners and clients.

For example, working for GSMA Mobile for Development Foundation, we explored the application of geospatial data science tools and techniques in monitoring agricultural practices and planning for climate impact in Somaliland. Additionally, in collaboration with United Nations Office of Project Services (UNOPS), we worked with Arup digital specialists to apply machine learning and satellite imagery to map land use across the Greater Banjul area in Gambia.