Cities in emerging economies grapple with a unique blend of challenges, distinct from their more advanced counterparts. Rapid urbanisation often outpaces planning, construction, and infrastructure capacity, leaving communities vulnerable to a range of evolving threats. These cities, already exposed to climate risks, find themselves pushed into precarious situations – competition for land and resources adds to environmental degradation. Often the benefits of infrastructure provision are not enjoyed equally and so the marginalised are often disproportionately impacted by externalities.

Our approach is to build resilience in a well-planned and integrated manner. We collaborate with city governments and municipalities, leveraging support from international finance institutions. Together, we:

  • Craft urban resilience strategies: strengthening cities’ ability to withstand unforeseen events.
  • Implement risk-informed land use planning: ensuring sustainable spatial development.
  • Assess climate risks and adaptation: safeguarding urban areas and critical infrastructure.
  • Champion regenerative design and master planning: creating vibrant, liveable spaces for all.