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Shaping the future of ports, maritime transport and sustainable coastal communities

Shaping the future of ports, maritime transport and sustainable coastal communities

The maritime sector continues to be pivotal to the world economy – with over 90% of goods transported by sea and a significant percentage of the population living in coastal regions. Ports, maritime infrastructure, and coastal communities face a complex web of challenges, from capacity and economic growth to the energy transition and growing physical threats from climate change.

We help ports and maritime clients to plan and develop the business case for growth and investment. We are also leading the transformation of ports as critical supply chain hubs to support the clean energy future.

Our focus is on ways to build port resilience, strengthening coastal protection and preparing for sea level rise. As planners and designers we also work on waterfront developments, commuter and recreational waterborne transport and other water-sited infrastructure and facilities. ” David Dack David Dack Associate Principal | Maritime – Australasia Leader

As interfaces between regions, countries and transport modes, ports and maritime infrastructure projects are inherently complex, requiring careful planning and a robust vision from the start. The maritime sector is also on its own decarbonisation journey and looking to increase its future energy security. There are industry-wide issues like ageing assets, the need for digital transformation, and an always evolving national/transnational legal and regulatory landscape to respond to.

Clients work with us to draw on Arup’s wide range of interconnected expertise and services, from infrastructure design, planning and economic consulting, energy and water engineering and climate, sustainability and environmental services. We offer an end-to-end service, working as long-term partners to clients to successfully deliver their projects and find sustainable solutions.

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