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Arup’s data centre and mission critical specialists are innovators in technological facilities, working with some of the most complex and data driven companies, to meet today’s data needs.

Arup’s data centre and mission critical specialists are innovators in technological facilities, working with some of the most complex and data driven companies, to meet today’s data needs.

Data as the ‘new utility’

Data is now integral to our daily lives. Our work and leisure time depend on services powered by data, and we expect them to be fast, reliable and secure.

At Arup, we have long viewed data as a utility. By adopting this approach with our clients, our Uptime Institute accredited tier designers are able help deliver operational excellence, high performance and high-efficiency across all sectors of the industry including wholesale and retail colocation, telecoms, broadcasting, high performance computing and big data providers.

In addition, our Advisory Services team assists in mergers and acquisitions, optimising asset strategies and operations to get the most from their resources.

The future of data centres

As data centres become a core part of our essential infrastructure, operators will need to ensure the longevity of their sites, optimise for mission critical tasks and keep up with the latest hardware – alongside ensuring cost effectiveness and sustainability.

From providing solutions that better utilise existing infrastructure, to designing new ‘energy smart’ structures, we have successfully helped clients to achieve these goals.

For Arup, aiming for sustainable data centres is no longer sufficient.  We want them to be regenerative.  Our vision is to transition to a zero-carbon economy, ensuring data centres make a positive contribution to the world. 

Powering progress: achieving the low emission data centre

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Hyperscale & Edge

Arup’s data centre and mission critical specialists are innovators in technological facilities, working with some of the most complex and data driven companies, to meet today’s data needs.

Arup’s multidisciplinary data centre design teams are world leader’s in the design and construction of hyperscale data centres. Arup designs have been realised in multiple locations across the globe with over 2,000MW of IT capacity designed for industry leading tech giants and co-location providers. Combining the collective skills and breadth of experience allows Arup to support the entire life cycle of a hyperscale data centre project, from site selection due diligence, design, and ultimately successful handover to the Client.

Global technology client

The data centre campus in Scandinavia which will ultimately provide over 200MW of capacity across 150,000m2 of data centre buildings. The project uses a direct air free cooling solution and the design of the buildings has been developed to maximise efficiency of the cooling solution in the local climate. The campus will include a connection into the local district heating systems to heat homes in the local area.

More data – less energy?

Data centres are energy intensive. According to the International Energy Agency, the sector consumes approximately 200 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity, or nearly 1% of global electricity demand, contributing to 0.3% of all global CO2 emissions.

By considering how excess energy can be re-used, we have been able to consistently deliver major savings in both energy and water consumption for our clients through effective energy design and management creating and designing truly sustainable data centres.

Resilience, security and risk

Continuous and reliable access to data are cornerstones of the modern digital economy and that is why data centres are now a core part of countries’ infrastructure. Resilient and secure systems are integral for operators, with clients and individuals expecting secure data services. From natural hazards to malicious threats, we help our clients better understand their tolerance for such risks and provide advice on mitigations to enhance their business to adapt to growing demands for data.

Equinix London Data Centre 6

Equinix London Data Centre 6

Accounting for over 25% of the total European equities trade, resilience was a key factor in Arup’s solution of Equinix’s LD6 data centre. Any power interruption or single failure of equipment can be tolerated with no perceived impact to the end customer.

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Equinix Paris Data Centre 3.3

Equinix Paris Data Centre 3.3, Paris, France

By using a methodological and data-driven approach including a quantified Fault Tree Assessment, Arup calculated the predicted availability of all critical functions for Equinix’s data centre. This included identifying Single Points of Failure and vulnerabilities in the system design for reliability. Arup’s value, through a proprietary Failure Modes and Effects Analysis and a bespoke reliability model, were recommendations for Equinix on how to improve and meet their Service Level Agreement targets.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Square

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Square, Shenzhen, China

Arup provided security planning and electronic security systems design for the functional zone and the technical and operating zone of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SSE), to cater for its day-to-day, mission critical needs. Explosion protection and safety inspection were also taken into consideration.

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State of Massachusetts Springfield Data Centre Feasibility

State of Massachusetts Springfield Data Centre Feasibility

The project involves the addition of a bypass to the 600 KW flywheel uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and the 1,200 KW Diesel Rotary UPS. An on-site review with the owner of the switchgear arrangement determined that a new section to house the tie circuit breaker was required.

Arup’s proposed improvements to both security data rooms recommended relocating existing fan coil units to outside the rooms.

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