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Scientific research facilities

Working alongside the world’s finest scientific minds our experts offer experience, insight and skills in a unique combination that delivers the world’s most innovative and advanced scientific research facilities.

Working alongside the world’s finest scientific minds our experts offer experience, insight and skills in a unique combination that delivers the world’s most innovative and advanced scientific research facilities.

Our people are immersed in the evolving challenges facing scientific research facilities worldwide, ensuring we are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with leading solutions to support them in their ambitions.

Science driven development

Science-based clustering encourages collaboration between academics, all types of businesses, entrepreneurs and the local community. By fusing the capabilities of a leading research university together with the skills, talent and expertise of its neighbours, clustering can support local enterprise and attract dynamic companies to the area.

Wellcome Trust Masterplan

Located in Hinxton, South Cambridgeshire, the Wellcome Genome Campus is a centre of excellence in Genomics and Biodata research. Arup worked with Wellcome to develop a masterplan for the campus.

This plan will create a community around the Genomics ecosystem to attract and retain the best talent, promote engagement with industry and the public and develop a flexible framework for the campus to evolve sustainably over the next 25 years.

Discovery by Design

Transforming the historic patterns of scientific disciplines working in silos, laboratories and research facilities are now being designed to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and discovery without boundaries.

Our intelligent designs ensure that laboratories are highly adaptable with ‘plug-and-play’ services infrastructure, structural solutions that work with different planning grids and optimised vibration performance.

Francis Crick Institute

Francis Crick Institute

In creating Europe’s largest biomedical research facility, Arup was tasked with locating over 1,200 scientists under one roof, delivering an 85,000m2 building in the heart of London. A ‘kit of parts’ approach was used, with standardised room layouts that allow laboratories to be reconfigured as the sciences evolve. Connection points have capacity for additional power, data, gas, and water services to support future technologies.

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Princeton University

Princeton University Frick Chemistry Laboratory

Rigorous sustainability criteria, resulting in an achievement of 30% energy savings over baseline facility requirements. The Chemistry Laboratory at Princeton University design consolidates all natural sciences departments into ‘sciences neighbourhoods’ using a flexible, modular layout.

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Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

Neuroscientists will use state-of-the-art molecular and cellular biology, electrophysiology and behavioural techniques to investigate how brain circuits process information.

During construction, the end user of the building was yet to be confirmed so planning an adaptable laboratory required innovative design. The multi-disciplinary team provided a full range of technical advice and solutions for a flexible, cost effective and energy efficient laboratory.

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Skolkovo Technopark

Skolkovo Technopark, Moscow

Skolkovo Technopark delivers flexible research space and co-working and business areas that encourages cross-collaboration across multiple disciplines.

Putting users at the heart of the design, the hub offers access to specialist R&D facilities – including four labs covering metrology, prototyping, biomed and testing and certification, as well as amenities and leisure facilities: restaurants, libraries and coffee shop and retail space.

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Science and Engineering Building, UNSW, Sydney

Well connected spaces designed to encourage user collaboration. The Science and Engineering Building flexible design is both adjustable to user requirements not only now, but in the future, accounting for advancements in technology and research processes. A flexible laboratory core with modules around a central service corridor allow for adaptability with minimal disruption.

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Big Science

Arup have designed and delivered some of the most technically demanding projects within the Science sector. Ambitious Big Science projects concentrate on driving the boundaries of both physics and astronomy by leveraging economies of scale, usually with hundreds of scientists co-located.

Whether you are looking to leverage funding mechanisms, achieve new technical benchmarks, bring consensus to a diverse group of stakeholders, or meet changing regulatory requirements, Arup can assist our clients in achieving these goals.

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