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Dam with water cascading through it
Water filter beds
La Mesa water treatment works


We work across the entire water cycle, with utilities, local and regional governments, commercial and domestic water users and other partners. From designing and maintaining key water infrastructure to advising on natural catchments and flood defences, we help clients to consider the long-term economic, environmental and social dimensions of their proposals.

Whatever the project, we adopt a whole-systems approach, drawing on our full breadth of services to find new ways to reduce water losses, improve water quality and strengthen resilience of supply. We offer an extensive range of water engineering and consultancy services including infrastructure design, asset management strategy, flood mitigation, sustainable water management, water strategies, and valuable sector-related research.

Design with water

A look at the benefits of placing a re-integrated water cycle at the heart of sustainable planning, design and delivery.


We work with environmental authorities, water utilities and development groups. Contact us today.