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Sustainable Happiness  © Arup

1 August 2019 — 1 December 2019

Arup Sydney Gallery | Sustainable Happiness

‘Sustainable Happiness’ encourages us to take a moment out of our day to reflect on the existential question ‘Why are we here?’ It’s an opportunity to share what gives you purpose with fellow colleagues, collaborators and clients and explore where we can collaborate to shape a better world. The exhibition draws on sight, touch and sound to evoke and inspire response. A wave of photographs features moments in time caught by Arup people, showing something that matters to them.

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Jack Zunz with Ove Arup

10 November 2011 — 6 November 2020

UTS Zunz Lecture Series

The UTS Zunz Lecture Series is named in honour of Sir Jack Zunz, the brilliant engineer and Arup ex-chairman who led the design team on the Sydney Opera House. His passion for both engineering and education has remained an inspiration to both UTS and Arup in the ensuing years. Since 2001, the UTS Zunz Lecture has aimed to improve public discourse in matters of engineering and information technology.

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