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11 January 2018 — 25 January 2018

ueber.morgen: innovations in timber construction

Timber construction is presently experiencing a true renaissance. Numerous research projects are currently looking into the optimal use of this natural and renewable material. We would like to invite you to another event of our ueber.morgen lecture series, a breakfast with Arup! We will present latest innovations in timber construction.

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Illustration of a pool in the middle of a train station

01 September 2015 — 17 May 2018

Shaping our City

Shaping our City is a conversation with leaders from industry, government and the community to inform the future of cities.

Curated by Arup, this series aims to foster genuine, inclusive discussion about how we can grow in line with our global contemporaries without losing sight of our local identity. Each session considers a city theme from diverse perspectives before engaging the audience to shape and localise the discussion.

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11 April 2014 — 23 February 2018

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The exhibition programme was created in 2008 to bring together practitioners from the fields of art, design and engineering to develop new ideas together. It also showcases stories from Arup’s rich cultural heritage.

It organises touring and pop-up exhibitions, collaborates with public institutions and the creative community outside Arup.

The current exhibition is Artificial Intelligence – enabling machines to learn”

2 October 2017 to 23 February 2018

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