Airports Council International and Arup release report on security and autonomous vehicles in airports

Sarah Wright - Communications Coordinator Sarah Wright UKIMEA Press Office,London
28 November 2019

Airports Council International (ACI) and Arup have jointly released a report exploring the emerging security vulnerabilities and potential security risks associated with the deployment of autonomous vehicles, systems and drones by airports.

The Assessing Potential Security Threats and Risks Report considers how airports, designers and other members of the aviation community can introduce these technologies in a more informed manner with regard to potential security threats and risks.

The Arup Threat Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA) approach is used to identify scenarios for an airport, depending on their intended and actual deployment of such driverless vehicles on the ground and/or in the air.

It is not always obvious that a security risk is introduced with new technology and ways of working so we are hoping this paper raises awareness and airports use it as a baseline on which to undertake their own risk assessments. This preventive security approach will in turn allow innovation to thrive unhindered by the increase in security measures that often follow incidents. ”

Stacey Peel Stacey Peel Global Aviation Security Lead

Several airports around the world have already facilitated testing of autonomous machines and vehicles in their operations. The Arup and ACI joint report was released alongside the ACI’s The Autonomous Vehicles and Systems Report, which brings together information from these first attempts at integrating this new technology and uses it to gain a better understanding of how it is likely to impact aviation in the medium to long term.

By using these two reports together, airports can learn how they can evaluate the feasibility of autonomous vehicles for their business needs, design and implement a detailed and comprehensive pilot programme, and consider security risks that might be introduced.

Automation is here to stay and it is critical in this stage of the technology’s development for the aviation industry to identify key opportunities and concerns related to autonomous vehicles at airports. We need to monitor adoption and share lessons learnt. ACI will continue to play a key role by facilitating the exchange of information between the early adopters. ” Angela Gittens Director General, ACI World

For more information on the Assessing Potential Security Threats and Risks Report, and the Autonomous Vehicles and Systems Report, please click here.