Arup active travel specialists support European Cyclists’ Federation Awards

Connor Ring Connor Ring Europe Press Office
25 May 2022

Arup is proud to support the Cycling Infrastructure Award at the inaugural European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) Awards, joining fellow sponsors Eco-Counter, Geveko Markings and JobRad.  

Taking place during the 2022 session of the Velo-city conference in Ljubljana, the awards will honour a selection of top achievers in European cycling, rewarding four contenders from across the continent to celebrate their commitment to active travel and cycling best practice. 

“Committed to creating more sustainable, people-friendly cities, Arup has significantly stepped up its involvement on active travel and inclusive design, with projects like the inclusive Cycle Masterplan for Ankara and Cork’s bike and pedestrian crossing Mary Elmes Bridge, as well as producing thought-leadership pieces on topics such as the active travel revolution on Milan’s post-pandemic streets.” said Tiago Oliveira, Associate Director.

Close up shot of a woman cycling Close up shot of a woman cycling

As cities grapple with the challenges of meeting net zero goals, the focus is increasingly on measures encouraging the uptake of public transport while meeting the growing demand for active travel modes. From pop-up cycle lanes to innovative traffic-calming measures, a growing number of bike-friendly towns and cities are improving their overall mobility patterns by encouraging cycling as a regular mode of transport.

Building cycling infrastructure creates significant benefits: Reducing car dependency, delivering an economic boost, registering fewer road deaths as well as improving overall health. Celebrating these transformational outcomes, the Cycling Infrastructure Award will honour the best of Europe’s cycling infrastructure. 

As our recent work on an inclusive Cycle Masterplan for Ankara demonstrates, designing bicycle infrastructure with an inclusive lens helps to promote cycling as an accessible transport mode for everyone, addressing the needs of diverse groups including the elderly, people with disabilities, women and children. 

Bike share schemes have also revolutionised mobility for millions of people in cities worldwide, supporting a transition towards more active and sustainable urban transport modes while reducing traffic-related emissions and congestion. 

In Ireland, Arup is working with the National Transport Authority to oversee the operation of public bike share schemes across the cities of Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford. These self-service bike rental schemes allow users to use a bike from a number of docking stations throughout the city, making it attractive to commuters and tourists alike.

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