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Arup and BUCG strengthen strategic global cooperation

Jerman Cheung Jerman Cheung East Asia Press Office,Hong Kong
16 December 2020

Arup signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG) today to strengthen their strategic cooperation in the global market, especially in Southeast Asia, with a primary focus on the aviation business.

The signing ceremony took place in BUCG headquarters where the MoU was signed by Arup’s China Outward Foreign Direct Investment Leader Shayne Li, and BUCG Deputy General Manager Jihua Wu, witnessed by BUCG Chairman Daihua Chen and Arup’s East Asia Region Chair Michael Kwok.

This MoU has opened a new chapter of cooperation between Arup and BUCG. Together we will focus on key international projects, sustainable development, interdisciplinary cooperation and experience sharing. Leveraging on our global experience and network, Arup will fully support BUCG’s implementation of overseas strategy. ” Michael Kwok Michael Kwok Asia Pacific Council Chair

This MoU will strengthen our partnership, give full play to our respective expertise and expand our collaboration in various areas, where we complement each other as we explore global opportunities together. ” Daihua Chen BUCG Chairman

(c) Arup (c) Arup
Arup’s China Outward Foreign Direct Investment Leader Shayne Li (right) and BUCG Deputy General Manager Jihua Wu (left) sign agreement on global cooperation.

The MoU forms the basis for closer collaboration between Arup and BUCG to pursue global opportunities especially in the fast-growing Southeast Asian market. Another focus of collaboration is the aviation business which is gradually recovering from the pandemic.