Arup and the Open Data Institute announce three-year net zero data partnership renewal

Olivia Rhodes-Webb Olivia Rhodes-Webb UKIMEA Press Office,London
17 April 2024

Arup and the Open Data Institute (ODI) have announced the renewal of their strategic partnership as the organisations celebrate 11 years of collaboration. 

Extended for three years, the partnership between global engineering and sustainable development consultancy Arup and not-for-profit ODI will continue to accelerate net-zero data-sharing initiatives. 

Working in trusted partnerships over many years allows the ODI the opportunity to create real impact in priority sectors. We are delighted to continue our relationship with our colleagues at Arup and to embark on the next phase of exciting – and important – work with them. We have seen how committed coalitions can achieve real change. We look forward to seeing how our work with Arup will help to facilitate greater sharing of net-zero data in the built environment sector and lead to innovation, collaboration and ultimately, climate change solutions. ” Sir Nigel Shadbolt Founder and Executive Chair, Open Data Institute

Informing the development of the ODI’s new net zero dedicated programme, the long-standing partnership published a landmark report titled Exploring net zero strategies in the built environment in 2023. The two organisations then convened leading actors from across the public and private sector to discuss the report and shape intervention prioritisation.

Arup and the ODI have enjoyed a long partnership since its inception in 2013. As the significance of data and data sharing continues to accelerate, we look forward to focusing on the solutions of climate change through net zero data approaches in this next phase of collaboration and partnership. Dedicated to the same goals, we have a great foundation to continue to drive progress in the space. ” Jim Johnson Director, Arup

The collaboration will continue to develop a roadmap for the progression of net zero data infrastructure. The creation of net zero and carbon data strategies will link sustainability, business, and data agendas together. In this next phase of the partnership, Arup and the ODI look to help simplify and accelerate the flow of information across the value chain, unlocking further knowledge sharing, innovation, and productivity throughout the sector.

We know there are already a number of data-sharing initiatives in the built environment working to reduce carbon emissions, including the Open Climate Data Initiative (OCDI) and Open Net Zero. The ODI is not setting out to create another one. Instead, we are pledging to help connect existing initiatives through dedicated engagement, convening, and, where needed, developing new data-sharing infrastructure. ” Josh D’Addario Project Lead and Principal Consultant, Open Data Institute

Further accelerating this next stage of research and delivery, the ODI, in partnership with Arup, is inviting those involved in net zero data sharing across the built environment sector to connect and collaborate.

Download the Exploring net zero strategies in the built environment report