Arup announces commitment to 24/7 Carbon Free Energy Compact

Chris Tutton Chris Tutton UKIMEA Press office,London
8 November 2022

Arup has been announced as the newest signatory to the 24/7 Carbon Free Energy Compact, as the firm redoubles its commitment to helping cities and organisations move to a carbon free energy approach.

The Compact, championed and funded by Google and supported by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), encourages organisations to adopt carbon free energy principles, primarily by ensuring that wherever possible, energy demand is met with carbon-free sources throughout the day and year. The approach aims to introduce a higher impact approach than purely committing to procurement of renewables, by using demand, storage and supply flexibility to enable individual companies and cities to lead real time energy decarbonisation. This approach will help us reduce the need for high carbon fossil fuel generation, avoid the need for expensive network reinforcement, while also increasing energy resilience.

The announcement comes as Arup is leading a ground-breaking project for C40 Cities, in collaboration with the Greater London Authority and supported by Google, to apply the approach and specific 24/7 CFE methodology to London. Arup, along with partner Energy Unlocked, will be providing strategic and technical expertise both to develop an implementation roadmap and a flagship London pilot to test the approach.

By signing the Compact, Arup is committing to a number of broad principles to deliver energy decarbonisation including:

  • Supporting the advancement of carbon-free energy technology to aid energy system decarbonisation

  • Supporting open access to the energy data consumers need to set and measure 24/7 Carbon Free Energy goals

  • Publicly advocate for policies which will accelerate the energy system decarbonisation

  • Helping energy buyers moving beyond a commitment to 100 per cent renewable energy by adopting 24/7 Carbon Free Energy procurement processes

Alan Thomson, Arup’s Global Energy Leader, said: “Making the 24/7 Carbon Free Energy approach a success is an important next step in our energy decarbonisation journey and we’re helping our clients navigate an effective course to net-zero using the 24/7 system wide perspective.

Working with organisations across the public and private sectors puts Arup in an ideal position to influence the implementation of carbon free energy principles, using our expertise to develop bespoke solutions for cities and organisations to help them adopt the Compact’s principles and play their part in a decarbonised energy future. ” Alan Thomson Alan Thomson Global Energy Leader