Arup announces four new Fellows

Barbara Lane Barbara Lane Director,London
20 December 2022

Four global innovators have been appointed as Arup Fellows, the firm’s highest accolade for technical and professional excellence.  

The new Arup Fellows, Kym Burgemeister, Susan Lamont, Andrew Lawrence, and Dinesh Patel, are recognised for their world-class technical achievements, pioneering leadership in their fields of expertise, and commitment to excellence across a range of innovative and complex projects. 

Dinesh Patel

Dinesh Patel has decades of experience of infrastructure, complex tall buildings and basement projects, such as 8 Bishopsgate Tower, Heron Tower and Leadenhall Tower, as well as notable listed buildings including Claridge’s Hotel, The Londoner Hotel and the V&A Museum. Over the past 10 years, he has won 11 major awards in the field of geotechnical excellence, innovation and sustainable design solutions. Dinesh is involved in many schemes where foundation reuse is being considered for new and existing structures, which has allowed him to find unique solutions so that additional floors can be added when repurposing existing structures. His innovative approach to design and construction has led to positive outcomes that have benefited major developers and contractors. He is also a role model, mentoring future generations of geotechnical engineers.    

I have always been passionate about collaborating with clients to produce technical excellence in design and construction.  This often means thinking outside the box to produce solutions which on the surface are challenging, unconventional, unique, and thought by some to be impossible. ” Dinesh Patel Dinesh Patel Director, Geotechnics

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Susan Lamont

Susan Lamont has worked extensively as a fire engineer in the UK, USA, Africa, Asia and the Middle East on a range of projects from mixed-use super high-rise towers to industrial warehouses, malls, masterplans and aviation. Her specialist expertise is in the performance of structures and materials in fire and in particular the resilience of buildings or infrastructure to fire. A driver of research and continuous professional development, Susan also helped steer the development of CodeRed, our series of four large scale timber compartment fire tests conducted in collaboration with Imperial College and CERIB fire testing and certification centre in France. Recently, she has also been leading a team of fire safety engineers looking at the response of buildings to wildfires. As a role model for our members, clients and communities, Susan passionately believes in a better future for all and dedicates herself to tirelessly demonstrating how raising standards across our industry benefits us and future generations. 

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Becoming an Arup Fellow is the greatest honour and without a doubt the proudest moment of my career. It is also a tremendous privilege, exciting, and somewhat daunting as we grapple with our part in tackling the many challenges but also opportunities of the current time. ” Susan Lamont Susan Lamont Director

Kym Burgemeister

Kym Burgemeister specialises in acoustic engineering for industry and transport infrastructure, working particularly on noise from wind farms, and railway vibro-acoustics. He helped to pioneer the use of SoundLab for infrastructure projects, undertaking some of the first auralisations of aircraft noise and wind-farm noise for clients. He is a digital innovator and has been the driving force behind Arup’s proprietary software for acoustics calculation, wind farm noise analysis and SNAPshot, our construction noise assessment tool. Kym has also shaped policy as a member of the Australian Government’s Independent Scientific Committee on Wind Turbines, tasked with monitoring and considering the science on the potential impacts of sound from wind turbines on health and the environment.  

Being an Arup Fellow is a mandate to guide and develop the younger engineers and consultants around Arup, so that we, together as a community, can positively influence the projects we work on and the world around us. ” Kym-Burgemeister Kym Burgemeister Principal

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Andrew Lawrence

Andrew is a world leading timber specialist, existing buildings expert and Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor at the University of Cambridge. He lectures worldwide and is working to improve the safety and durability of construction. His projects include the Tai Kwun revitalisation project in Hong Kong, Canary Wharf Crossrail Station roof in London, and the award-winning Cork House; he is also doing extensive work to assess and improve the safety of residential building portfolios. Andrew is committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with colleagues and for the benefit of our clients, for example supporting the development of an innovative timber bridge concept with partners. Andrew has positively influenced better outcomes for our clients and communities by sharing his experience and knowledge generously across safety, technical advancements and sustainability. 

The Fellows’ role in sharing knowledge demonstrates our commitment to developing our people... it is now my duty to pass on those skills to others, to help improve the safety and sustainability of the built environment. ” Andrew Lawrence Andrew Lawrence Director

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Arup Fellows are actively involved across all aspects of Arup University, which is home to the firm’s strategic foresight capability, applied research and innovation programmes, as well as our communities of experts working to develop our skills and capability.