Arup at the 2022 London Design Festival

Arup is proud to be a key partner at this year’s London Design Festival, with a range of projects and activities showcasing our expertise in advisory, engineering and design. Arup’s involvement includes an exhibition on the topic of ‘regenerative futures’, a curated all-day panel event at the Global Design Forum, and structural design for Sony Design’s installation, ‘Into Sight’. 

Regenerative Futures

We will be exhibiting at the Victoria and Albert Museum on ‘regenerative futures’ - a future in which humans and nature co-evolve and thrive in harmony. The exhibition will premiere Arup’s short design fiction film, ‘Abundance’, set in a near-future London, which follows a day in the life of a regenerative designer. It will also showcase a selection of working prototypes that are featured in the film. This free exhibition is open to the public from 17-25th September.  

Global Design Forum

Arup is hosting an all-day panel at this year’s Global Design Forum (London Design Festival’s thought leadership programme) on 20th September 2022, in collaboration with the Royal Society of Arts. The panels will explore regenerative design at scale and participation in regenerative futures. They will also discuss the transition to a regenerative future and how regenerative design can enable us to live in harmony with nature. 

'Into Sight' by Sony Design

'Into Sight' by Sony Design

Arup is also the Engineering Partner at this year’s London Design Festival. Arup has helped to realise the design of ‘Into Sight’ by Sony Design, providing structural design for the installation. Into Sight is a life-sized media platform installation, where Sony Design plays on sensorial effects that transform simple boundary surfaces into an infinite vista through shifting light, colour and sound.

The London Design Festival is an annual event celebrating and promoting the city as a design capital on the global stage. Arup has been involved in the London Design Festival in a variety of ways over the last 15 years. We have contributed to the creation of ground-breaking installations, exploring a range of themes from the development of high performance and low carbon construction materials, to raising awareness of circular economy principles, among many more. Arup has collaborated with the London Design Festival on multiple projects in recent years including MultiPly, Timber Wave and The Circular Building