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Arup designs Butterfly Garden

Marina Miceli Marina Miceli Europe Press Office,London
29 November 2012

Arup in Türkiye has recently been awarded for local architectural and engineering services for the Tropical Butterfly Garden in Konya.

This project will be Türkiye’s first butterfly museum where butterflies and insects will be observed in their own habitat. The museum will have a showroom where the lifetime of butterflies and insects will be presented. Documentaries about insects and butterflies will be shown in the mini cinema.

Arup is responsible for ....and façade engineering,

Located in Konya's Selçuklu Municipality, the Tropical Butterfly Garden and Insect Museum is a part of a large development plan, comprising a park with playgrounds, exercise areas, sports areas, retail, cafes, pools, buffets, artificial sledge track and areas to enhance social coherence. There will be an amphitheatre with 1,000 seats and 6 decorative pools.

Once this was a neglected area, but thanks to this project the area will become the most attractive place in Konya. ”

Having a continental climate, Konya does not guarantee the best environmental conditions for butterflies and insects, but Arup’s technical team will provide an environment where the temperature can be kept consistent and where the humidity is high during all seasons.