Arup engaged in supporting the development of Colombia’s most advanced offshore wind farm

Kathryn Hohs Kathryn Hohs Americas Press Office,Los Angeles
6 July 2022

Colombia recently announced its Roadmap for the Deployment of Offshore Wind Energy with support from the World Bank and the United Kingdom government. To help roll out this roadmap, Arup will be working on the feasibility study for Vientos Alisios, the most advanced offshore wind project in Colombia developed by BlueFloat Energy, leveraging Arup’s multidisciplinary engineering skills and local presence in Colombia.

Harnessing the untapped potential of Colombia´s prevailing winds along its Caribbean coastline, BlueFloat Energy brings an unparalleled experience in developing offshore wind energy projects in multiple geographies, including the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Arup has mobilized its industry specialists to contribute with its state-of-the-art industry knowledge to the study and is supported by the international marine, offshore, and engineering consultancy Global Maritime.

Located twenty miles off the coast of Barranquilla, Vientos Alisios was the first Colombian offshore wind project to be granted pre-feasibility. Vientos Alisios wind farm will include 28 bottom-fixed turbines that could generate enough energy to power 100,000 homes per year.

While offshore wind is a burgeoning sector in the renewable energy industry, purpose-driven roadmaps and policies are essential in this nascent industry. The roadmap presented by the Colombian government sends a positive signal to the global supply chain community and will further attract interest from investors and suppliers alike. There are still many hurdles to overcome, but Colombia is officially the next frontier for offshore wind. ” A man with short, dark hair wearing a suit and smiling towards the camera. Mauricio Acevedo Arup’s Colombia Energy Leader

Colombia’s Roadmap for the Deployment of Offshore Wind Energy provides clear guidelines to help the country adopt offshore wind as a viable renewable energy source. In addition to outlining the positive impacts of offshore wind, the roadmap outlines dozens of technical recommendations ranging from planning, concessions, and permits to supply chain development and financing and revenue. The roadmap also estimates that Colombia has the potential to install almost 50 GW of offshore wind capacity across more than 12,000 square kilometers of preidentified areas. With the roadmap now in place, the development of Vientos Alisios marks the beginning of a new chapter in Colombia’s journey towards decarbonization.

“Marking a milestone in the diversification of its energy portfolio, Vientos Alisios demonstrates a significant commitment to a sustainable future for all Colombians,” added Acevedo. “We are excited to be supporting BlueFloat Energy to carry out the feasibility study for Vientos Alisios, which will help advance offshore wind not only in Colombia but also throughout Latin America.”

Although offshore wind is a relatively new industry in the Americas, Colombia is at the forefront of this energy transition, and developments like Vientos Alisios can serve as a case study for future developments in the region. With the effects of climate change straining existing energy systems, many countries and municipalities are now looking to offshore wind as a sustainable solution, helping to reduce emissions and increase energy capacity while revitalizing communities by placing critical infrastructure closer to consumers.