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Arup engineers Amorepacific new headquarters

14 June 2018

Amorepacific opens its stunning new headquarters today in Seoul. The mission is to create a harmonious coexistence between people, business and the natural environment. Arup together with David Chipperfield Architects (DCA) and local Korean consultants, have contributed towards this stunning new building in South Korea.

Amorepacific is a reflection of the historic vernacular complemented by a modern response to design and construction. Adopting a ‘First Principles’ approach, the team has explored and innovated solutions to everyday building requirements.

By focusing on a single clear volume, the proportions of the building have been carefully designed around a central courtyard to maximise the effectiveness of natural ventilation and daylight. Three large openings connect this central volume providing views to Yongsan Park and mountains in the distance.

With our holistic approach, we developed a building for Amorepacific which optimally incorporates the climatic and cultural characteristics of Seoul, with architecture and engineering perfectly complementing each other. ” Eva Hinkers Eva Hinkers Europe Region Chair

Providing a plethora of disciplines from the London and Berlin offices, Arup has led on Structural Engineering together with Vertical Transport, Fire, Wind, Acoustics, Building Physics and Building Services, Façade and Lighting Designs. With DCA, Arup developed a bespoke skin integrating shading and ventilation. The distinctive appearance of the vertical fins, which are connected to the building by access walkways, was an engineered response to reducing energy consumption and improving well-being.

It is rewarding to work with an enlightened client who wishes to achieve beauty through innovation. A willingness to re-think the rules, encouraged freedom of thought amongst the design team, leading to an original expression in engineered architecture ” Nigel Tonks is a Director of Arup and leads Buildings London Nigel Tonks Director

Arup’s Façade Designers together with Wind, Lighting and Environmental Specialists optimised the geometry and pattern of the distinctive fins. Based upon sun path analyses, this approach affords excellent levels of natural daylight whilst reducing solar heat gain.

Seeking to celebrate Asian beauty by blending traditional wisdom, fine ingredients and technological innovation, the new HQ is a testimony to Amorepacific’s vision and a showcase of ingenious engineering designs by Arup.