Arup joins Dutch Cycling Embassy to promote cycling in cities worldwide

Hester Duijndam, Arup Hester Duijndam Europe Press Office, Netherlands
12 January 2022

Arup has joined the Dutch Cycling Embassy, a public-private network promoting cycling as a sustainable and inclusive mode of transport  all over the world. The Dutch Cycling Embassy brings government and public sector agencies together with Dutch cycling experts such as research institutes, NGOs and private sector sustainable mobility consultants like Arup to exchange knowledge and discuss their experiences worldwide.

The Dutch are widely celebrated as leaders in active travel – particularly when it comes to bikes. With an average of 1.3 bicycles per resident, the Dutch cycle 15 billion kilometres every year, or 880 kilometres per capita. The country’s vast cycling infrastructure network, including extensive cycleways and parking, has helped further nurture this biking culture.

Arup joins Dutch Cycling Embassy to promote cycling in cities worldwide Arup joins Dutch Cycling Embassy to promote cycling in cities worldwide

To make cities people-centric, Arup's active mobility team in the Netherlands has been working with a number of clients over recent years to elevate active travel, which can improve a city’s overall inclusiveness, resilience, safety and health.

As a Dutch Cycling Embassy partner from the start of this year, our team of specialist urban designers, transport planners, active mobility consultants and digital specialists will be available to help cities everywhere to design more inclusive living environments where people can travel safely in a sustainable way.

Our team has a wealth of experience on the active travel front: in Ireland, we've helped set up a regional bike share scheme. Our Dutch team has also delivered work in Ankara,  developing a cycle masterplan and a framework to support the development of a cycling culture in the city. Our specialists have also been involved in the design development of several cycling bridges, improving cycling infrastructure throughout Europe.

We are excited to team up with the Dutch Cycling Embassy network to unlock the potential of cycling as a sustainable and inclusive mode of transport for cities everywhere. Bringing together urban designers, transport planners, digital specialists and active travel consultants, our team is looking forward to sharing our Dutch cycling knowledge and expertise with a variety of public and private sector clients. ” Marco Mulder Marco Mulder Arup’s Cycling Team Lead in the Netherlands

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