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Arup joins forces to develop innovation areas

Pien Niehe Pien Niehe Europe Press Office,Amsterdam
25 January 2017

A new partnership between Arup and seven Dutch design, consulting and engineering firms plus an investor are offering initiators of innovation areas their support.

The new initiative is named ‘Innovation Area Development Partnership’ (IADP) and includes Arup, Caudata, Kadans Real Estate, KCAP Architects&Planners, PT Finance, Royal HaskoningDHV, UNStudio and Zjak Consult.

Innovations are of great importance to businesses, but also for the economy as a whole. A lot of companies seek collaboration with other firms and research institutes to accomplish product innovations and technical breakthroughs. This leads to a growing interest for science parks, innovation districts and industrial campuses, where these companies and institutes find the environment to work together, cross-fertilise and enhance the business.

The development of these so-called ‘innovation areas’ is complex and needs an integral, holistic and sustainable interdisciplinary approach in one team. In a suchlike approach is attention for a solid market research, original (real estate) concepts, appealing urbanism, strong park and campus management and financial solutions. There is a global demand for plans that can meet this high level of requirements. IADP offers this approach. Between 26-29 September the new collective will present itself at the world conference ‘Science parks & Innovation areas’ in Istanbul.

"Developing innovation districts in agreement with the identity of a city isn't an easy job to many cities. Together with our partners we help aldermen, city councils and urban communities to tackle the multidisciplinary challenges with our unique holistic approach. Innovation is necessary in order to develop this type of demanding environments, as traditional solutions are not sufficient anymore. Our partnership offers an exquisite platform for innovation and co-creation. ” Sander den Blanken Amsterdam Office Leader