Arup launches Charge4Fleets, a streamlined digital solution to support fleet electrification

Kathryn Hohs Kathryn Hohs Americas Press Office,Los Angeles
20 September 2022

Arup today announced the release of its next-generation, integrated digital offering to support the electrification of medium- and heavy-duty (MHD) zero emission vehicle fleets, Charge4Fleets™. The suite of digital solutions advances zero emission fleet adoption by maximizing fleet performance, streamlining utility engagement, and creating resilient investments.

Accelerated decarbonization of transportation fleets is a global priority that is supported by financial incentives, regulatory signals, consumer pressure, and technological advancement.  However, the conversion of operating vehicle fleets is a complex process, requiring in-depth integration of many considerations, ranging from energy availability and level of service to charging infrastructure availability and the timing and method of vehicle procurement.

To tackle this multidisciplinary challenge, Arup worked with fleet operators to develop Charge4Fleets. The digital platform builds on Arup’s solution for addressing the equitable deployment of public electric vehicle chargers, Charge4All, as well as the firm’s global expertise in zero emission vehicles with the goal of advancing cost-effective and sustainable vehicle fleet conversions.

By automating the data pipeline, Charge4Fleets is able to conduct industry-leading, in-depth analyses and display simulations of fleet and charging scenarios to help users make better-informed decisions at each stage of fleet conversion. Leveraging the web-based interactive platform, users can compare interactive, accessible results and technical insights through an easy-to-use dashboard. By optimizing the spend to emission ratio of fleet electrification, Charge4Fleets allows for ease in the transition planning process as well as more accelerated timelines for fleet transition.

Charge4Fleets provides insight for fleet operators, transit agencies, and municipalities looking to electrify vehicle fleets. By drawing on Arup’s multidisciplinary expertise across the transport, energy, and digital sectors, we’ve developed an integrated solution that is helping make the global transition to electrified transportation a near-term reality. ” Cole Roberts headshot Cole Roberts Principal

Charge4Fleets provides users of the platform with unique value by:

  • Maximizing vehicle and fleet performance by determining the necessary charging capacity and cost, route readiness, strategic charging depot locations, and cost-effective opportunity charging (if needed).

  • Streamlining utility engagement through a holistic understanding of a client’s unique operating parameters to determine the energy opportunities for integrating their fleet into current and future utility infrastructure.

  • Integrating sustainability and resilience into infrastructure by identifying the gaps, risks, and opportunities in time-based charge management across charging control, energy storage, renewable generation, and emergency service.

  • Building confidence in investment by giving users the insights needed to inform robust stakeholder and decision-maker participation from feasibility to implementation.

Arup plans to further develop Charge4Fleets in order to assist in the planning and implementation of global MHD charging networks and the development of vital strategies and associated infrastructure for the next generation of transport. This will aid in the rapid adoption of new modes of decarbonized mobility.