Arup leads the conversation on global infrastructure at Australian British Infrastructure Catalyst

Jennifer Shand Jennifer Shand Australasia Press Office,Sydney
27 September 2019

Global industry trends and decision-making around infrastructure investment are topics to be tackled by Arup speakers at next week’s Australian British Infrastructure Catalyst.

Discussions will focus on investing in the ‘right’ projects and maximising benefit through efficient, innovative delivery.  

Arup’s Richard de Cani, Richard Matthews and Isabel Dedring will be leading conversations on multi-billion dollar, city transforming transport projects and the influence of new technology and sustainability imperatives.

Arup’s Global Planning Leader, Richard de Cani will reflect on the future of airports in a carbon-free future; Aviation Leader Richard Matthews on best practice and key developments in design and technology for international airports; and Global Transport Leader Isabel Dedring will explore public-private partnerships and current procurement models.    

Energy Director Mark Neller will outline the potential for hydrogen in the future energy mix, with reference to Arup’s advisory work and projects in the UK and NZ. 

Arup infrastructure projects in the spotlight will include Heathrow Airport and High Speed Rail 2. 

The rapid pace of change, and our collective responsibility to develop and deliver sustainable infrastructure programs with long term value, will underlie the ABIC meeting. Delegates will travel to key locations in the UK to see major projects and urban developments and meet chief strategists and operators.

David Harding David Harding Australasia Transport Developments Leader

Arup is sponsoring the Catalyst as a key opportunity for knowledge sharing and collaboration between international counterparts. It is organised by the Australian British Chamber of Commerce.