Arup offshore digital inspection yields revolutionary benefits

Ria Patel Ria Patel Global Press Office,London
8 June 2020

Arup and EnerMech’s digitised structural integrity inspection on the Beryl Alpha platform has led to a significant saving in operational costs, risk and time offshore for Apache North Sea LLC.

The Beryl Alpha owned by Apache is one of the largest offshore platforms in the world, situated in the North Sea. Requiring thorough and frequent safety inspections, Apache commissioned Arup and inspection specialists EnerMech to undertake a digital approach for the routine structural integrity inspection utilising Arup Inspect 3D™ to undertake the structural integrity inspection

The innovative Arup Inspect 3D digital service replaces high risk offshore working at height inspection methods with the application of remote visual inspection tools. It also enables operators and asset owners to access their interactive inspection data 24/7 and make informed decisions about asset repair, replacements or improvements.

Arup and EnerMech worked to create a baseline geometric digital twin of the platform to sufficiently capture inspection data. Over 60,000 images, including 360° panoramic views, captured ultra-high-resolution inspection data. These enhanced records contributed to improved reporting reliability and the 3D model-based tablet application, which will help Apache on its journey to adopting a digital approach for the platform. 

Arup Inspect 3D digital inspection service Arup Inspect 3D digital inspection service
Arup and EnerMech worked to create a baseline geometric digital twin of the platform, contributing to improved reporting reliability. 

Apache’s adoption of the Arup Inspect 3D inspection service on the Beryl Alpha led to a reduction in the size of the inspection team, including the complete removal of workers at height and no need to side cover, significantly reducing risk by using methods with the application of remote visual inspection tools. It saw overall inspection times reduce from six months to a matter of weeks.

The digitised approach enhanced the quality of data collected for future use, contributing to improved reporting reliability and assisting on the journey of adopting a digital twin approach for the platform. 

This successful use of the AIM tool to inspect the Beryl Alpha, which is one of the largest functioning offshore platforms in the United Kingdom and one of the oldest concrete gravity base structures, marks a significant turning point for the oil and gas industry. It’s a best in class example of how digitalisation and automation techniques can deliver revolutionary benefits, including valuable reductions in costs, time, resource and risk. ” Simon Evans Simon Evans Digital Energy Leader

Jim Saunderson, Integrity Manager for Apache’s North Sea operations, said:

“Deploying the Arup and MInteg inspection solution achieved the requirements of our inspection plans while significantly reducing the risk profile of the activity. The enhanced data capture and storage within the 3D model has aided our post-inspection review by removing any ambiguity and enabling users to challenge information beyond what is captured in reports. We can see opportunities of this data enhancing the quality and efficiency of our inspection plan going forward and is already aiding day to day communications.”

Apache is leading the way in deploying Arup’s innovative digital inspection technology developed to improve safety and reduce asset inspection costs on offshore platforms. Arup and EnerMech will continue to work with Apache on digitalising and streamlining future inspections. 

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