Arup partners with BloxHub for series of circular economy talks and debates

Zaida Espana Zaida España Europe Press Office
11 October 2021

Arup is partnering with Danish urban sustainability and innovation hub BloxHub for the event series ‘Designing the Irresistible Circular Society’. Over the course of eight talks and debates, the series will explore the role of the built environment in the circular economy and how the industry can shape a more sustainable society.  

The events will bring together city planners, policy makers, decision makers, clients, investors and academics to discuss potential solutions to the sustainable development of our buildings and cities. The topic of collaboration will anchor much of the discussion, as we examine how to enable a fair and equitable circular transition at all levels of society in the long term.

Launching the series on 14 October is the event ‘From System to Technology: Collaboration for a Circular Built Environment’. The talk will feature Martin Pauli, Arup’s Foresight Leader in Europe, and Dr. Patrick Bergmann, Managing Director of Madaster Germany.

A panel of experts will also join a debate on 28 October entitled ‘No one left behind: How do we build infrastructure for a circular future we haven’t yet imagined?’. The debate will examine the challenges involved in developing and collaborating on our future sustainable transport infrastructure.

All events in the series are free to join online. Please consult for further information.